Friday, February 1, 2008

And Now We Play The Waiting Game...


Awww, the waiting game sucks! Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos! (Pardon the gratuitous Simpsons reference, but it's Friday, and to be completely honest, Rickey's creatively bankrupt ).

At the moment, Rickey’s a tad jittery waiting around for Johan Santana (or “The Maestro” as we look forward to calling him) to officially become a New York Met. So here’s a quick item to tide you anxious Mets fans over until the deal is officially announced…

Apparently Hulk Hogan is on board the Obama Express.

(Thanks to RwR reader Adrian for tipping off Rickey to this thrilling development). As of this writing, Rickey would like to point out that the following lesser action heroes are still completely undecided at the moment:

Jean Claude VanDamme
Dolph Lundren
Steven Segal
The Rock
Mr. T

Personally, we’re holding out on endorsing a democratic candidate until we hear who Mr. T favors. As Mr. T goes, so goes the party, and Rickey pities the fool who doesn’t realize that.

Also in the wondrous world of politics, Rickey had the great pleasure of bidding farewell to the loathsome Rudolph Giuliani this week. Toasty Joe has a great send off to NYC’s famed Italian dictator which can be read hither.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot: it's the fucking Superbowl this weekend. Have fun with that folks. Rickey's calling it now:

Giants 24
Pats 17

Why not? Call it New Yorker pride, call it wishful thinking, call it whatever you want. What it comes down to is the fact that the Patriots have everything to lose and the G-Men are just happy as all hell to be at the big dance. And that, friends, reeks of upset potential to us.

And if you're feeling cuilinary this Superbowl Sunday, give Rickey's Boneless Buffalo Chicken Tenders recipe a shot. They're rather good, if we may say so ourselves.

Go check out Humor-Blogs. Their shenanigans are cheeky and fun.

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Sassdawg. said...


Call me crazy, but as Met fans are we not obligated to root for the hometown underdog?

Rickey Henderson said...

Absolutely we gotta root for 'em. But that doesn't equate to believing that they'll actually win (which Rickey does).

MCConfrontation said...

38-20, Patriots over the New York Football Giants. I can't wait til Sunday to tap that 5 gallon shorty of Fat Tire Ale.

Ed the Gent said...

Missing from your list of "lesser action stars" (although I beg to differ on them being "lesser") is Michael Dudikoff of "American Ninja" and "Avenging Force" fame. I believe he, too, is stumping for Obama and the Giants.

Sassdawg. said...

Oh and Ricky, my menu for Superb Sunday is Buffalo Chicken Pizza, bean dip, & Black Bean Chilli

Chris C said...

Just put up my predictions post and unlike you and Frogster I went with the Pats.

What amazes me is in the last week or so I have heard so many people predict a low scoring affair. Someone today said 21-7.

Take the over in this one.

ArmadilloTrader said...

Personally, I was sort of hoping that Giuliani would win the Republican nomination. I had an idea for "Giuliani, That's the Best You Could Do???" bumperstickers that were gonna sell like hotcakes.

As far at the SB, I'm not sure the Giants can win, but if I were a betting man I'd take the Giants and the points.

Smitty said...


The world may stop spinning around the sun, because we agree on 2 things: the Patriots beat the Giants by more than 14, and Fat Tire Ale is the absolute fukcing BALLS. I loves me that beer.

upstate met fan said...

Rickey, we are back baby!!!!!!!! It's good to be king, again!

the frogster said...

Nicely done, Rickey. Congrats.

ArmadilloTrader said...

Giants win!!! Sweet!! Damn, I KNEW I should have re-financed the house and put it all on the Giants!!