Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Call For Pictorial Submissions

Today, your Superbowl Champions, the New York Giants, will culminate their brilliant playoff run by marching down the Canyon of Heroes in lower Manhattan. If any of our NYC readers snag any photos of the festivities, feel free to email them to Rickey at manofsteal@live.com and we’ll toss ‘em up on the site tomorrow. Sorry Bostonians, no joyous duck boat parade for you folks this year, but hey, if you feel like arranging a sullen procession down the "Trench of Shame" (aka, Newbury Street, and/or Gisele Bundchen’s birth canal) then by all means, have fun with that.

And in other news, today is Super Tuesday, so regardless of your political affiliation, Rickey urges you to vote. (Except you Trotskyites out there—you can probably sit this one out). Indeed, vote early, often, and by whatever means necessary—even if it involves crossing state lines and falsifying voter records. On a serious note, we’d like to point out that voting is pretty much the only thing you owe to society (well that, and remembering to wear pants when in public). In short, you have no excuse for not voting, only a real moral obligation to do so.

That having been said, Rickey would remind you however that regardless of the outcome of today’s Democratic primaries, we’re still months away from knowing who will be the chosen donkey. Meanwhile, John McCain could easily be anointed by the end of the day as the defacto Republican contender, which means that Rickey gets to watch Hillary and Obama sodomize each other on CNN for the next several months. Lovely. You know what, can we just vote in Eli Manning for President? Look at how he deftly escaped being tackled in that incredible drive Sunday night—how does this not qualify Eli for extricating the U.S. from Iraq?

And remember, a click on Humor-Blogs is a click for victory.

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Mark said...

You've convinced me. I'll cross the border and vote. (Just like 15% of Canadians want to.)

Mike said...

Eli's got my vote.

Ed the Gent said...

Eli for President? Que tonto.

An old chum of mine was at the parade, although he spent the entire time covering the nearby polls for Newsday. You can find the article herehttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

maybe i can help... said...

Better late than never