Friday, February 29, 2008

Damn You Bill Withers

Last night Rickey decided that there was a shockingly inadequate amount of funk in his music collection and Rickey attempted to remedy this situation by downloading a whole boatload of Bill Withers songs (legally, of course). Rickey then proceeded to burn himself a CD of the aforementioned funk and introduce it into his beloved Saab in hopes of experiencing a truly funky commute to work. We’re pleased to report that the trip to work was an overwhelmingly funky one, consisting of smooth R&B Bill Withers classics such as “Ain’t No Sunshine,” and “Use Me.” In other words, things we’re definitely looking up for Rickey.

Then, around midday, Rickey noticed his car alarm inexplicably wailing in the office parking lot—something that has never happened before to Rickey’s Saab. Rickey dashed outside only to find his car battery dead and in need of a jumpstart. And now Rickey must jumpstart his car and take it to a garage to have the battery replaced on a late Friday afternoon. What we're getting at here is that Bill Withers’ unadulterated funkiness fucked up Rickey’s Saab. Next time, Rickey’s going with Billy Preston.

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George said...

Swedish cars don't do the funk.

upstate met fan said...

Somehow I thought you were a bananarama type of guy, Rickey.

upstate met fan said...

By the way I just saw a baseball card of Johan Santana in ebay selling for over 4g's. Whoever "wins" the bid on that card better hope that Santana doesn't get the Robbie Alomar curse! He better be good. That's all I gotta say.

Smitty said...

Swedish cars don't do the funk

Yup. Swedish hair metal, anyone? No soul. All synthesizer.

Smitty will download this funkadelia forthwith. We will see if the Chevy Uplander minivan can handle the funk.

Alex L said...

Rickeys saab seems to be screaming for some booker t and the mgs, well to me any way.

Maybe try some 'opeth'... I'm sure some Swedish progressive death metal if you really want to go the full scandinavian hog.

Adam said...

Come on, Rickey. You can't go into the funk two-feet first! You're lucky it was only the car battery that broke!

Baby steps, holmes. Pow!

leigh said...

you're lucky you didn't play some brothers johnson. you might have blown the engine. get the funk outta my face.

Ed the Gent said...

A voice that smooth could not harm any man, child, or automobile.

Ricky should be more merciful on Billy Dub.