Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rambo Refuses to Answer Rickey's Questions

Rickey hasn’t seen it yet, but the new Rambo movie came out last weekend, a film which A.O. Scott called “a blood bath punctuated by occasional bouts of clumsy dialogue…. …[the movie] has unhinged, sadistic genocidal violence and righteous retribution for same.” Sounds like a great date flick to Rickey! One of the trailers Rickey watched appears to show Stallone literally punching someone’s head off. In the physical universe that we inhabit, is that sort of thing even possible?

To promote the opening of this latest bloody valentine to the misguided notion of go it alone militarism, Sly decided to sit down and answer a few questions in the form of fan emails. Sadly, Rickey’s snarky questions were not selected. Therefore, we feel obligated to share them with you here:

1) Call me crazy, but "Over the Top" one of my favorite films of yours. My favorite part of the movie is when you plow through your father-in-law's gates with your mack truck in a moment of pure man-passion. One thing that has always confused me is the lack of explosion when your truck hits the gates. For an 80's movie, an explosion is notably lacking in that shot. What happened?

2) Also, in "Over the Top" your character's penultimate line is "When I turn the hat around it’s like a switch." I find this quote to be deeply touching and inspirational. In your personal life, do you have anything like that? A song, a gesture, or a mannerism that gets you geared up? Something that makes you want to ram your head through a goddamned brick wall?

3) I read somewhere that on the "Over the Top," soundtrack Sammy Hagar's version of the "Winner Takes All" was picked over the version performed by Asia. Why was this decision made and will the original version performed by Asia ever see the light of day?

What, too tongue-in-cheek? What’s not to love about a ridiculously cheesy 80’s movie about a trucker arm wrestling to win the love of his son? Alright fine then, next time Rickey will only submit questions about the cinematic tour de force that is “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot.”

Rickey has it on good authority that the folks at Humor-Blogs are penning the script for "Judge Dredd II: The Appeal."

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Smitty said...

I'm laughing so hard I honestly can't think of anything to say here.

"When I turn the hat around it’s like a switch." I find this quote to be deeply touching and inspirational.

I will laugh about that all day.

Rickey Henderson said...

Funny tidbit Rickey left out: In a recent interview, Sly's ex-wife Janice Dickenson claimed that he injected her with HGH while she was sleeping. Sly replied in this article:

"The only thing I injected her with was my fist"

We deem this to be offensive, nighmarishly disturbing, and completely hilarious.

MCConfrontation said...

The Rambo movie was totally kick ass. I read somewhere that they've studied it and there's something like 263 on-screen killings? Fucking awesome.

The shit they can do with CGI these days is amazing. There's more limbs flying in this flick than the 100 yard dash at the Special Olympics. Plus, when a guy gets hit by a grenade or a mortar, the explosion is red; the dead guy just turns into a blood explosion. It's like avideo game, and extremely gratifying.

mr. met said...

Stallone is my new hero.

maybe i can help... said...

"hey yo Tommy, I didn't hear no bell"

Smitty said...

There's more limbs flying in this flick than the 100 yard dash at the Special Olympics.

McC, that's like the 3rd funniest thing I have read all day today. The visual is a classic.

Toasty Joe said...

"Judge Dredd II: The Appeal." That's gold, Jerry, GOLD.

Alex L said...

I'm just hoping some where along the line the lost seven sequels to 'Cobra' show up. Some how I imagine its just Sly and trying to decipher the difference between Bridget Nielsons face and arse.

I dont think your questions were to tongue in cheek.

steves said...

Best Stallone interview ever. I always felt Over The Top was a very underappreciated movie. Pure Gold.