Friday, February 15, 2008

Your Friday Linkage

Happy Friday folks. Rickey’s taking a poll: how many LOST viewers do we have who read this blog? Rickey’s debating starting up a weekly column on LOST but would prefer not to alienate his readers with long speculative missives that quickly devolve into "…wait, Hurley’s wearing a mauve shirt with a pineapple symbol on the back…. That means something! Shit, I gotta sit down and reanalyze everything now…" So let us know if there’s any ground support for that sort of thing by voting in the poll below and we’ll get right on it.

Hark, baseball fans! Spring is officially upon us! Mets pitchers and catchers reported to Port St. Lucie yesterday. Redemption Season ‘08 starts now folks.

The astronauts aboard the International Space Station apparently have access to a handgun. Lovely. Thanks very much, intergalactic division of the NRA! All together now folks: “Man, what are you doing with a gun in space?”

Elsewhere in the world of dubious space endeavors, the U.S. military is telling the public not to fear their plummeting spy satellite, because they’re going to it out of the sky! And it's gonna go ka-booom! and China will tremble and all will be right in the world once again.

Hey kids, Do you enjoy riotously high levels of pictorial failure? Well then, The FAIL Blog is definitely up your alley. Because no matter how bad your day may be going, at least you didn’t drive a goddamned tank off a bridge, like this illustrious fellow:

One of Rickey’s favorite sports bloggers, Big Daddy Drew recently cranked out a great write up on the state of ADD addled sports viewership in the internet age. Of particular interest to Rickey was this quote:

"The NFL demands far less time from diehard fans than a sport like basketball or baseball… …But baseball? Holy shit. If you want to be a diehard baseball fan, you pretty much have to forsake the outside world to watch every game. THEY EVEN PLAY TWO GAMES IN ONE DAY, FOR SHIT'S SAKE! DURING WORK HOURS! I understand why the players show up for those things. They get paid. But fans? There are doctors on call who are less put upon."

He goes on to argue that level of sports devotion is unnecessary, and in fact runs contrary to being a well rounded sports fan—a sentiment which we’re certain Ms. Henderson applauds. Definitely give the whole thing a read: it’s thoughtful and contains the sentence “dinner party guests find me worldly and large-penised.”

And in the world of cinematic endeavor, Rickey strongly recommends taking a gander at this:

Goosebumps anyone? We kidded around a while back about Harrison Ford being too damned old to reprise the role of Indy, but thanks to this trailer, our fears are now completely diminished. This flick looks like too much balls to the wall fun to ignore. Dum da dum dummmmmm.....

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Smitty said...

Fine post, Rickey.

I don't know if NASA has paid attention to Star Wars, Star Trek or any other space-related movie, but bullets fired from guns don't seem to harm aliens bent on blowing up the earth. It's lasers, man. Lasers. The NRA is behind the times.

I can't wait for the Indiana Jones flick. I am such a die-hard Indy fan that I even thought The Temple of Doom was good. The Indiana Jones movies formed the bulk of my childhood viewpoints. What Would Indy Do?

Chris C said...

Did you see the Lost Star Wars parody? Pretty funny.

mr. met said...

Fuck everyone. Feel free to discuss LOST openly. It's the best show on TV...

Alex L said...

One week behind with lost episodes in Australia... but feel free to discuss the show.

Diesel said...

I did a post that assumed in depth knowledge of not only the Sarah Connor Chronicles but also of the Highlander franchise and Timecop.

I'd say go for it.

steves said...

I don't watch Lost, but feel free to blog on it, as long as you talk about other stuff, too.

As for the gun in space. Despite the fact that it is only the second month of the year, that story has to be non-story of the year. I am convinced that some reporters must believe that firearms are inhabited by evil spirits and that they can just go out and kill on their own. From what I understand, the Russians have a long tradition of doing this. Traditionally, they have landed in some areas that full of wildlife and some, not so friendly. I doubt they put it there for aliens or people, but gien the behavior of Lisa Nowak, I'd want some protection.