Monday, February 1, 2010

Adventures in Homeownership Part II: "So, uh, When's Recycling Day?"

(Rickey’s Hebrew ancestry totally comes in handy when it comes to stacking massive pyramids of boxes).

As you can tell from the above picture, as of this Saturday, the Hendersons are officially moved in and are thoroughly enjoying their new home. Not that the process leading up to this point has been painless… There have been Armenian carpet bandits who refused to refund Rickey for work they never did. There have been movers who ripped up a perfectly good couch and refused to honor the insurance policy Rickey purchased. There has been the landlady who won’t let the Hendersons off the hook for their lease and who Rickey secretly suspects was somehow involved in the Holocaust (as in, a relative of hers fell out of a guard tower and she was fairly broken up about it).

…And finally, there was the boiler that broke down THE FIRST NIGHT the Hendersons spent in the house. Rickey kids you not. They say that during your first night in a new house, you’ll stay awake all evening thinking of the things that need to be fixed. Well, the Hendersons spent their first night awake for a somewhat different reason: huddling for warmth with the outside temperate reading 9 degrees outside and the thermostat in the house plummeting to 44 degrees. It was a character-building experience.

After an emergency visit from the oil company, the boiler is now operational and things have normalized. Here are a few pics of where things stand at the moment:
Rickey only tossed up photos of the main floor, primarily beacuse its the only area where some semblance of order exists...

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