Thursday, May 31, 2007

If it's Not One Thing, It's an Otter...

Pardon the hiatus in posting while Rickey heads off to upstate New York to celebrate his five year college reunion. He’s filling his gas tank with petroleum distillate, re-vulcanizing his tires, and packing only his finest collegiate beanies in anticipation of this momentous occasion. In honor of the event, we here at RwR are taking up a collection to replace Rickey’s ailing liver. Indeed, it has come to this—feel free to contribute to the fund in whatever manner you feel fit. And if you happen to know a decent lawyer, that would be helpful as well (preferably one that specializes in breaking and entering, graffiti, and lemur endangerment cases).

Speaking of cute woodland animals, Rickey found this story to be profoundly amusing. Evidently the otterpocalypse is upon us. We would like to be the first to welcome our new otter overlords. See you folks on Monday (drunken exploits and marauding otters permitting).

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