Thursday, May 10, 2007

Your Weekly Linkage

What? Cats with sniper rifles amuse Rickey... Not to beat a dead horse, but the best part about Clemens being a Yankee again is that it totally rejuvenates the anti-yankee fanbase. We Yank haters were getting a little tired of ragging on the sorry likes of A-Rod, Jeter, and Posada. Now that Clemens is back it feels great to root against a real bad guy once again. With that in mind, here are several items to interest you while pondering your dream last night. of Rickey. nude. standing at the foot of your bed. chanting... yankees suck!

In hopes of starting off strong, Rickey proudly presents the all-time Top 10 QVC mishaps. Humor abounds within these videos.

Ooops, a few songs from the new Guns N’ Roses album got leaked and can now easily be obtained via your file sharing program of choice. Based on these four songs, “Chinese Democracy” seems poised to make Kris Kross’ “Jump” look like the Beatles’ “Revolver.” And sixteen years to make an album is ridiculous to say the least. Highway 61 Revisited? Recorded in six days.

Yesterday was Jack Bauer Appreciation Day? Damnit, why didn’t anyone tell Rickey?

Speaking of appreciation for tireless civil servants, we are currently in the midst of Nurses Week. So thanks very much, modern descendents of Florence Night-triangle. (One of Rickey’s more intelligent buddies called her that in the midst of a drunken game of Trivial Pursuit).

You finally have a reason to travel to Minnesota. Wilco is appearing on the Prairie Home Companion this weekend (which is now broadcasted online by the way). Woot.

Praise be to Jesus! It’s the Golgotha La-Z-Boy! (how much does it rock that there's a website called “Jesus of the Week”?!) If Rickey sits in one of these while watching the Mets, they’ll go on a winning steak, right?

And while we’re on the subject of the Metropolitans, were you aware that they collectively went crazy and shaved their heads in a showing of team camaraderie? Here’s what Samson (ahem, David Wright) now looks like.

In other Mets news, Ms. Henderson has announced that she can no longer root for Shawn Green due to his newly shorn look. And you know what? She's on to something here folks. Unless they want to look like Holocaust survivors, Jews just shouldn't get their heads shaved.

One ticket to hell please, first class...

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Adam said...

Of all the useless shit they sell on QVC, the one that gets me the most are those swords. Honestly, why would someone buy a tin-foil sword? Or even a Hattori Hanzu sword? Unless you're a ninja or William Wallace, you should probably not max out your redit card on usch silliness.

Business or Leisure? said...
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