Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rickey's Williamstown Odyssey

This weekend, Rickey has the unique pleasure of driving up to quaint Williamstown for a bat mitzvah honoring one of Ms. Henderson’s relatives. This is not Rickey’s first visit to this charming college community. Back in his college days Rickey once drove to visit a high school buddy of his at Williams. Rickey has fond (if slightly patchy) recollections of his pilgrimage to Williamstown. Fragmentary memories of the weekend that Rickey is able to piece together include:

  • Kicking off the night with belligerent rounds of vodka shots.

  • The repeated use of the word “amazing.”

  • [scene missing]

  • Riding through the woods in a Jaguar driven by someone wearing driving gloves, simultaneously blasting opera music, and tossing hallucinogenics into his mouth.

  • Having to be dissuaded from bringing a stray cat into a dorm room.

  • Somehow losing a wallet in a McDonald’s ballpit.

  • [scene missing]

  • Challenging a Williams dorm RA to a fire extinguisher duel.

Sadly, there won’t be any similar shenanigans this time around. Behaving like the village idiot in some early Irish American novel is generally frowned upon at bat mitzvahs. Additionally, it also happens to be Ms. Henderson’s birthday this weekend, which requires Rickey to avoid participating in the kind of silliness mentioned above.

But on the plus, side, Rickey does get to experience the unadulterated thrill of driving through aging rust belt towns such as Troy, NY. So, um, yay for that. And as long as Rickey is able to wrangle periodic updates on the Subway Series (in a cruel twist of fate, Rickey won a raffle for Mets/Yanks tickets on the Mets website that he cannot use) everything should be hunkey dorey. We hope. Pray for Rickey.

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GM-Carson said...

Rickey, Rickey, Rickey!!!

Gotta love a blog dedicated to Rickey.

Adam said...

Who knew you were in "Wonderboys"!

My cell phone is going to be fully charged this weekend, so updates are going to be readily available.

Toasty Joe said...

Rickey has lived a much more exciting life than I.

Smitty said...

Has Rickey ever played roller-hockey in a dorm hallway? Checking opponents into drinking fountains is legal. Apparently.

Rickey Henderson said... is throwing trashcans at your oponents smitty.