Wednesday, May 2, 2007

You Weekly Linkage

Happy Wednesday folks. (Or “hump day,” if you will). Here are a few items of interest that you may have missed while debating whether to wear a tuxedo, top hat, cane, monocle, and spats for your upcoming job interview.

Well the annual rumbling to fire Joe Torre has been quelled for the moment. Does anyone believe that old balls Steinbrenner still has any sway in the Yankees organization? For the record, Larry David was a much better Steinbrenner than Steinbrenner ever was.

And while we’re speaking of Larry David, Rickey has a casting suggestion for the inevitable Spiderman 4 movie. Larry David as the Vulture. Look at the pictures of those two--its genius and you freaking know it.

And while we’re speaking of Spiderman, Rickey recommends seeing the new Spidey flick on one of those newfangled six story tall IMAX screens. Sure the lines will be awful, and when Rickey saw “300” in IMAX he was subjected to the ghastly sight of Spartan nipples the size of his Volvo, but whatever, it’s worth it no?

The NY Times analyses 80 different gin martinis in search of the most flavorful concoction. Yep, that’s just what the world needs to see—Maureen Dowd sloshed on gin martinis.

Good news for you eccentrics amongst us: they’re making a movie out of Chuck Palahniuk's book, “Choke.” Nice stuff. Palahniuk’s new novel, “Rant” hits bookshelves today by the way.

Ok, there must be better uses for a burrito than this. And more importantly, what kind of man gets dressed up as Captain America and goes on a pub crawl? Even in a bar environment, some random guy dressed up as Captain America is about as attractive to women as a miscarriage.

And finally, Eric Boehlert over at Media Matters has a terrific write up on John Edwards’ $400 haircuts and the sorry state of press coverage in the U.S. Give it a read--insightful political commentary is good for the soul.

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Smitty said...

I read Chuck Palahniuk's Haunt. Ummm....interesting. Don't know if Rickey has read it, but the book starts right off with a guy who had to chew through his own large ntestine because he the book.

Rickey Henderson said...

Yeah, Palahniuk is a loon. I also read Haunt and was pretty scared by how insane the man is. That one short story with the pool... Yikes.

Mike said...

I have to say, Rick, that I started reading Chole a few years ago, and couldn't get through it. I really thought it was bad.

Disappointed me too. I wanted to like it, because I'd heard such good things about him. But alas . . .

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Rickey is The Man! I had to give a shout out to Rickey today on my blog. Go Rickey!