Thursday, May 17, 2007

What? It's Rickey's Halloween Costume...

Feeling underwhelmed by this summer's movie lineup? Rickey is as well. Spidey 3 was both overwrought and underwhelming, and the new Pirates of the Carribbean movie sounds like it suffers from the same problems. And frankly, the less said about Shrek the better (sorry Ms. Henderson).

But you moviegoers definitely need to take a gander at this: the new trailer for Transformers. Holy mary mother of Frank. Tie Rickey to a tree and call him Betty. Part his hair with a pork chop. That's one fucking fantastic looking movie. Rickey was one of the many skeptics about this project at first, but goddamn does this looks like a super happy fun time--especially for a 27 year old man-child like Rickey.

Giant robots stomping around and tearing shit up? And it's directed by Michael Bay, the guy who directed "Armageddon" and "The Rock"? (Rickey's not even kidding, for some insane reason, he really enjoys "Armageddon"). What more could you ask for? This is Rickey's current pick for the only decent blockbuster of the summer.

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Adam said...



(Trailer looks good though...)

Rickey Henderson said...

Damn you Adam--wrong site!

Ms. Henderson's Sister said...

I dig the costume idea, all signs say go!

Mr Furious said...

I am sure that movie is going to completely suck, and I'm too old to have any fondness for Transformers, but goddamn, it looks like a ton of fun to watch.

Mr Furious said...

Big Rickey News! September call-up to A's?

Bob said...

OK. I am a total nerd too. The movie trailers have worked their magic and I am now totally excited to see this movie.

I admit it.

I am still trying to find the shot of that wierd skinny robot "Frenzy", which is supposidly shown transformed into a radio in one of the trailers. Wasn't that supposed to be called Soundwave?

AmyV said...

I took my 3-year-old to see Shrek this weekend and they had a preview for Transformers. I'm totally hooked; gotta see this one! Never in my freakin' life have I ever thought I would say these words:

"I so totally want to see the Transformers movie."