Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Your Weekly Linkage

Happy Tuesday you inglorious bastards. For the record, Rickey remembers very little from his Memorial Day Weekend …and is therefore doomed to repeat it.

Because inspiration typically runs low on the first day back following a three day weekend, we here at RwR have decided to throw up our arms, cry uncle, and offer up some links instead. Look, it’s sunny, there’s a cute family of squirrels running around outside Rickey’s office window, and quite frankly, we’re occasionally entitled to “phone it in” so that Rickey can go outside and frolic with squirrels.

So here are several items of interest to tide you over while chuckling at Jimmy Carter exhibiting Alzheimer’s symptoms. (Seriously folks, Rickey likes poor Jimmy Carter, but at what point does he turn up in an alfalfa field, horribly lost, insisting that he’s looking for Anwar Sadat?)

Holy hell, wild boars get this large? Ok, that does it, Rickey is never going in the woods unarmed again. And he’s definitely never going to Alabama.

A Tintin movie is in the works? No wait, three Tintin movies? Woot. Please excuse Rickey while he scampers away to dust off his old Herge books…

In belated honor of Star Wars turning 30 this past weekend, we proudly offer up The Vader Sessions. Much James Earl Jones related humor abounds after the jump.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Mets are now the undisputed best baseball franchise in the glorious State of New York.

As most of you are well aware, Rickey enjoys all things pickled. With that in mind, Rickey offers up a pickled radish recipe for all to read and attempt.

Evidently this whole “bring back a cancelled show” trend is starting to gain momentum. Still no word about the fledgling movement to bring back “Caroline in the City” however. Drat.

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AmyV said...

My husband became absolutely obsessed with this hog story yesterday. I was working and he must have called me up about three times to talk about it.

I do have to admit, it's pretty darn freaky.

Adam said...

It's a terrible fate for such a majestic pig. Three hours of being chased down by some slack-jawed 12 year-old. I'd rather die of scurvy myself.

Rickey Henderson said...

Exactly--if an animal this incredibly huge exists in the wild, why shoot it with a gun rather than a camera lens? It's an inredible shame.

Still, Rickey would be scared senseless if he was face to face with this beast alone in the woods.

All the same, it's yet another reason never to travel to Alabama. (As if you didn't have enough already). Bad things happen in 'Bama.

Rickey Henderson said...

Evidently the kid set up a site, www.monsterpig.com, where he's posting all the hatemail he's been getting from people for killing the boar. Here's my personal favorite:

"I have to congratulate you because I didn't think it was possible for an 11 yr old as large as yourself to chase a pig for three hours in hilly terrain. Well done, fat boy!"

Adam said...

Wow, that is magnificent.

Truly a sign of the internet changing our world.

Rickey Henderson said...

Have you read this kid's profile? To recap: the kid is named after a brand of whiskey, kills wild boars, and likes to start websites with technology made in 1997.

Godspeed my boy!

AmyV said...

This kid got a part in The Legend of Hogzilla: The Movie (http://thelegendofhogzillathemovie.com).

Adam said...

The Legend of Hogzilla? Dare I make a Rosie O'Donnell porn joke here? Wait, I just did...

Rickey, please don't ban me!!!!