Monday, May 14, 2007

Rickey's Weekly "24" Roundup

Meanwhile, in the "24" universe, there's a rumor floating around that a certain well-liked character is returning to "24" at the end of this season. (Praise be to Amy Vernon for alerting Rickey to this development). Rickey will say no more for fear of ruining the surprise for you "24" fans who prefer not to be spoiled. But c'mon, you know you want to click the link... It's totally worth it. Go on, push the button.

Link! Link! Link! Link!

Logistically, the rumor being floated is kind of a head scratcher, so if anyone has any idea how this is even remotely possible, please be sure to let Rickey know. Since she started watching "24," Ms. Henderson very emphatically stated that this was not a possibility. And she's right: in the physical universe that we inhabit, this shouldn't be possible. So unless "24" went out and rounded up the zany "Lost" writing crew, you can treat this rumor with a grain of salt for now.

Anyhow, lets move on to Rickey's musings on Monday night's episode. A solid episode overall, but the award for most blatant product placement ever must undoubtedly go to Cisco. Yes, Rickey's read the tech articles on Cisco's snazzy new line of teleconferencing "presence" systems, and yes, he's impressed. But come on now...

The only way they could have possibly been less subtle would be to have VP Daniels pause and tell the Russian president "oh excuse me while I take a sip of refreshing, ice cold Coca Cola--ah... now back to business". Rickey knows that tv shows are trying to make up for ads being skipped over thanks to Tivo, but between this and the recent Lexapro placement on "The Sopranos," things are spinning wildly out of control. Besides, how many IT professionals are really looking to shows like "24" and "The "Sopranos" for new ideas on making their offices more technologically efficient? Not too many we're guessing.

Anyway, two more hours and our national nightmare is over. Rickey's still dying to know what exactly Wayne Palmer gave up in exchange for Jack's release. Rickey's guessing that the Chinese would only release Jack if Wayne Palmer was made president, thereby guaranteeing that the U.S. would be completely incapbable of dealing with any crisis that might arise in the future.

And for all you NY viewers, did anyone else stay tuned after "24" ended to see the "it's 10pm, do you know where your children are?" blurb delivered by a grizzled creepy Joe Pantaliano in a cowboy hat? Dear god, hopefully nowhere near that man...

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Anonymous said...
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John Royal said...

Forget Tony. Let it be Nina. This show has been downhill since Jack killed Nina. But did he really kill Nina? What if it was set up so that Nina could go really deep undercover? In fact, she had some surgery and she became a Chinese guy who's been torturing Jack on-and-off for two years now.

Now that would rock.

Roci said...

The Chinese released jack in exchange for the only thing that is worth a Jack Bauer... Another Jack Bauer. The chinese realised that with Jack in custody, life was meaningless. It was all yin and no yang. So they released him so they could catch him again.

They ARE inscrutible.