Monday, November 26, 2007

Rickey's Weekend Roundup

You know, the funny thing is that we were totally looking forward to this past weekend. But after two Thanksgiving dinners and three liver punishing nights of holiday drinking, Rickey’s immune system cried uncle and he’s now sick as a dog. ( We strongly suspect Avian flu). Rickey spent most of Sunday swaddled in a blanket and ambling around the apartment all hopped up on cough syrup and muttering things like “I’m retiring from drinking.” And in order to prevent some of the knowledge we gained this past weekend being lost to posterity, here’s a list of things Rickey learned over the Thanksgiving holiday:

1) Every year, right around Thanksgiving, comes the game that heralds the NY Giants’ intentions to totally quit on Tom Coughlin. You can set your watch by this.

2) Leaves still on the trees in late November is unnatural. Rickey does not approve of this recent development.

3) Thanksgiving guests who boast of their plans to open up a hot dog stand in New Jersey staffed by buxom ladies on rollerblades are always fun. Thanksgiving guests who do this and then suddenly pass out on a couch are even more fun.

4) Pumpkin cupcakes are the freaking balls. Seriously.

5) Guitar Hero III impresses but also terrifies Rickey. It’s freaking hard. Moreover, what’s the age statute of limitations on asking for videogames for Christmas with a straight face? 28? At what age does Rickey need to start requesting gifts like wallets and ties in order to appear more respectable?

6) The NYTimes’ Turkey Barley Risotto recipe is bar none the best way to make use of your leftover Turkey. (Rickey recommends adding carrots to the recipe however as well as doubling the shitake mushroom amount).

7) “The Mist” is simultaneously the scariest, funniest, and bleakest flick you’ll see all year. The entire movie is reminiscent of the “well that escalated quickly” scene from Anchorman, while at the same time it does a great job at making an audience scream out loud. And the ending? Well we won’t ruin it for you, but it’s far bleaker than the one in Stephen King’s book (Think “Night of the Living Dead”). Rickey enjoyed the movie, but felt it could’ve done without the weighty social commentary.

8) No matter how ill you are, calling out sick from work the Monday after a holiday weekend is never acceptable behavior. Sucks, but it’s true.

9) Blog posts containing a mock interview with Bryant Gumble and Tony Almeida are always amusing. What? You thought that the "24" nutcases are fazed by the fact that their show isn't returning until Fall, 2008? Think again.

10) Finally, the vodka cranberry is the drink of Lucifer himself. You’d think all the antioxidants in the cranberry juice would’ve helped strengthen Rickey’s immune system, but no...

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Haley said...

Your Mist audience was screaming? Really? The one I was part of was chortling...and I suspect was very close to hissing. I actually enjoyed the audience more than the movie!

George said...

My condolences to Rickey's liver.

Rickey Henderson said...

Those few moments when shit jumped out at you caused the screaming. There was a lot of laughing going on however. And a lot of cheering when the can of peas was thrown at Ms. Carmady.

Haley said...

That old lady was awesome.

Deb said...

My husband is 37. Wait, maybe he's 36. I don't know. I'm pretty old myself. Anyway, he still asks for video games, so I think you're probably in the clear.

AmyV said...

This is the question: Was the Thanksgiving guest referenced in #3 a relative of you or the lovely Ms. Henderson or "just" a friend? Or, mayhaps, a friend of a relative?

Rickey Henderson said...

He definitely wasn't a relative. Possibly a friend of one of Ms. Henderson's relatives? Rickey's not sure because everyone Rickey asked was uncertain who he arrived with.

RJ said...

My personal feelings on Christmas is that you should always ask for things you may not be able to respectfully buy yourself.

For example, leaving a store with a giant plastic guitar looks much better when someone else does it for you.

Adam said...

Turkey Risotto.

Dammit, now I'm starving.

the frogster said...

I'm so annoyed with myself that I didn't pick the Vikings in ESPN's "Pigskin Pick'em" last week. It's not that Big Blue is a good team that had a bad day- they are a bad team that got too much undeserved attention.

Mark A. Rayner said...

Funniest moments of the Mist [warning, spoiler]:

-moan of dismay from my arachnophobic brother during most of the pharmacy scene

-applause from crowd when the murderous Bible-thumper gets shot in the head.


p.s. Regarding the age limit: it's 42, naturally.