Friday, December 21, 2007

In Which Rickey Reflects Upon the State of Things

Yesterday, Rickey decided to type in a Google query for “Rickey Henderson,” and he noticed that this site popped up as the fourth result after the Wiki page, the MLB page, and the Baseball-Reference page. This of course made us wonder: will Rickey's star ever stop rising?

Not to toot our own horn, but we actually came in AHEAD of the ESPN statistics page for Rickey. Gadzooks, we’re beating the self proclaimed “World Wide Leader in Sports”! And even better, we know remarkably little about professional sports! (Seriously gang, Alyssa Milano’s Dodgers Blog is a more reliable source of baseball commentary than this site). Nonetheless, from all early indications, 2007 appears to have been a rather good first year for us here at RwR. Possibly too good.

See, the real life Rickey Henderson does seem like the kind of self absorbed fellow who would Google his own name for fun… What if Rickey were to stumble upon this site? Would he be flattered? We’re guessing he’d wonder what a bellicose white guy with a blossoming drinking problem was hoping to gain by impersonating him. And then he’d demand his cut of the revenue (of which there is none).

So before a mob of angry lawyers shuts us down, we figured we’d have a little more fun at Rickey’s expense. You know, really fly this plane into the mountain. Thanks for the folks at JibJab, we’ve come up with the perfect holiday message from Rickey. Behold, Rickey Henderson stars in “It’s a Wonderful Life!”

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Smitty said...

The perfect Christmas present: in the top 5 searches on Google and a lawsuit from your namesake. I can't imagine a better Christmas than in front of a judge.

Just take as many people down with you as you can.

Anonymous said...

Stupid site and I found it by mistake. One thing I can say about Rickey is that he set MANY RECORDS with the roids. Think about it, he played with Jose and his name was never mention, he played for the Mets and his name never came out in the Mitchell report, give him some credit unless you like baseball the way it is.

the frogster said...

Wow, look at that last comment. I believe you have got yourself a hater, Rickey. And a hater with poor grammatical skills, at that. Congratulations! A blog isn't a blog until you've got a hater who doesn't uses the words rightly. Nicely done, and happy new year!