Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Because You Were Just Dying to Know Who Yul Bryner Was...

Rickey is in the process of wrapping up 2007 and gearing up for a fantastic new year of blogging that some of you will hopefully tag along for …assuming all the talk of beards, alcohol consumption, and ellipses haven’t scared everyone away. But first, some holiday housekeeping. Over the past few weeks Rickey has been closely monitoring the specific key word searches that lead poor unsuspecting fools to RwR. Here are a few that caught Rickey’s eye:

mark messier nude (hold the phone just a second there…)
healthy buffalo tenders (yeah, ours? Not so much…)
man beard (shit yes, we’re like #9!)
martha and charles logan fanfiction (Rickey only writes BSG fanfiction thank you very much)
yul bryner leather gloves (apparently someone’s going for the creepiness hat trick)
ms henderson dolls (Hello, merchandizing! Ok, sweetie, time to start sewing. Rickey needs more web revenue.)
growing beard stimulating (well if by “stimulating” you mean alienating to loved ones, then yes it is)
rickey Schroeder (apparently misspelling his name takes you here. Huh.)
why does my sled always run on one cylinder when warmed up (how the shit would Rickey know?)
"Fabulous goatee" (indeed)
Ladies of the Masturbatorium (it’s like Playboy’s “Women of the Big 10,” but for psychopaths!)

What? We’re a week away from Christmas and Rickey, his head swirling with visions of sugar plums, elves, and angry creditors, is absolutely entitled to mail it in from time to time. Look for a post tomorrow showcasing Rickey's fabulously festive Christmas tree (of doom).

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George said...

Ladies of the Masturbatorium...I thought that was the new Dustin Hoffman-Nathalie Portman film. I'm not sure, though, as I don't have kids so don't see things like that.

Adam said...

I just checked search terms leading to The Jack Sack, and apparently "worlds deadliest rat" is a winner! I love this feature!

Smitty said...

I am happy to say that "brewing extravaganza" yields Around the Keg and Around the Keg users on the top 3 google searches. I am sure that it is the amolunt of times Rickey pops on over to get his daily fix of a beer blog.