Monday, August 27, 2007

Your not-so-weekly Mets Update

Wondering why you haven’t seen any activity on this blog since Tuesday? Well, for starters, last week was rather busy. Shit happens folks. Also, bear in mind that not everyone sidles up to their computer during a weekend to post on their snarky website. In fact, really the only activity Rickey uses his computer for on the weekends is habitually checking in on his fantasy baseball team (go Mensch Warmers, go!). But if anything could bring Rickey to break radio silence on this blog, it would definitely be the New York Mets.

See, Rickey is a little irate over the news that The Mets have been holding off on activating a now healthy Endy Chavez. After all, Endy is the man who brought us that fantastic little game winning drag bunt earlier in the season. He’s an all-around scrappy kid who gives the Mets an offensive and defensive lift whenever he’s playing. Did we mention that Chavez is currently hitting .550 at Port St. Lucie? Impatient bastards that he is, Rickey does not feel like waiting until the rosters expand on September 1st to see Endy rejoin the Mets. That’s a crime folks. And while we’re offering our insight into the Mets roster, Rickey has the following additional suggestions for Willie Randolph:

1) Either kill Guillermo Mota or reintroduce him to steroids.
2) Designate Brian Lawrence for assignment after tonight’s start in Philadelphia.
3) Demote Lastings Milledge (last night’s base running gaffe sealed the deal).

That last point might rub some of you the wrong way, but Milledge is still gravely lacking the experience necessary for a playoff run. Yes, he’s a future power hitter, but right now, he’s also one with lousy fielding & base running abilities. Call us crazy, but the kid seems far better suited for playing on an American League team. Sorry, is Rickey being too glum for a Monday morning?

Well would you be cheered up if we were to tell that Paul LoDuca and Pedro Martinez are returning to the lineup soon? Is that something you’d be interested in? We’re especially excited/terrified by the bracing possibility of watching Pedro pitch as soon as this week against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. Rest assured: Rickey will not be sober while watching this game.

And this brings us to the upcoming road series, as the Mets face the Phillies then the Braves. It seems as if both teams have been practically begging the Mets to run away with the division all year. So far, they haven't been able to. Here’s to hoping all that changes this week.

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AmyV said...

The Mensch Warmers? That's actually pretty funny.

Rickey Henderson said...

Thanks Amy. It was either that or "Doctor Terror's Team of Horrors".

AmyV said...

Yeah, see, then you'd have been trying too hard.