Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rickey's Tuesday Night Roundup

A family member of Rickey’s had an extra ticket to see “Spamalot” last night, so Rickey embarked upon an impromptu Tuesday night jaunt into NYC. The tickets were free, which is Rickey’s favorite price of all. On the way, Rickey decided to stop off for a bite to eat at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. We don’t know about you folks, but raw shellfish and a Broadway show are the kind of things Rickey can build a whole night around. To read Rickey’s review of the Oyster Bar, proceed hither.

Spamalot” was decent—Rickey had seen it once before and remembered enjoying it more the first time around. Even by Monty Python’s standards the jokes are a tad too self-indulgent, and what’s worse, the humor is a little broad and unnecessarily slapstick. Elaborate musical numbers lampooning gays and Jews really aren’t as charming as you’d think and the show seems to be missing much of the wit that makes “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” so much fun to watch. The second act picks up considerably and includes most of the routines you know and love from the original movie. Still, these bread and butter routines seem a little “off.”

Bonus points to the writers for dipping into “Life of Brian” and including “Always Look in the Bright Side of Life” in the show however. Rickey still can’t get that song out of his head… This proved useful once Rickey exited the theater and heard about Ryan Howard's walk-off home run against the Mets last night. We've said it before and we'll say it again: we liked Guillermo Mota much much more when he was juicing.

And for all those in need of a quality summertime entertainment, Season One of "Friday Night Lights" is retailing at Best Buy at the ridiculously low price of $19.99. On her day off from work, Rickey has dispatched Ms. Henderson to pick this up while he is at the office. Pick it up pronto, before she beats you to the last copy and wrests it from you hands. Believe us, she's scrappy.

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Ms Henderson's BFF said...

Damn right she's scrappy! She works in Newark afterall.