Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Introducing our Newest Feature: Musical Accompaniment!

Fed up with his meager $10.75 in earned income from the Google Ads on this site, Rickey has decided to dispense with them entirely in favor of something far superior: a streaming music widget. Or as we like to call it: “Rickey’s Rhythms.” Rather than merely recommending music to our readers, we figure it’s a good idea for you to actually hear some of Rickey’s eclectic choices in music. We got this idea after stumbling upon this feature on Wil Wheaton’s blog and figured that if that impotent punk Wheaton has streaming music, then goddammit, so should Rickey. And even better, Rickey won’t be streaming any “Death Cab for Cutie,” or whatever brand of wuss-rock Wil Wheaton fellates himself to.

Indeed, Rickey would be lying if he said that his musical selection wasn’t 100% kickass. A truly unique blend of awesomeness spanning a wide variety of musical genres. One second you’re rocking out to a new White Stripes song, and then whammy, on comes an obscure Irish drinking song. An Artic Monkeys ditty could segway into a highly underrated piece of nostalgia from Wreckless Eric. A set of classic Rolling Stones songs could be broken up by a fantastic cover by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Every now and then Rickey might even throw in a wildcard such as "Muskrat Love" or "Tears of a Clown" to see if they subliminally effect anyone, thereby sending them into a killing rage/frenzy. It’s the not knowing that makes it all so exciting.

And if for some off chance you dislike the music (this contingency is highly unlikely) then you can always take the incredibly effective step of skipping to the next song on the playlist. Yep, we’ve thought of everything. So far Rickey’s has compiled 400+ songs and counting, so sit back, relax, and crank up your computer speakers. Stay tuned, because we’ll be scouring the internet for music like feral packrats and updating the playlist daily with new and cromulent selections.

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Wil Wheaton said...

Rickey, thanks for the shout-out! I may be a big Hollywood star, but I know when someone takes the time to recognize my genius. In case you're wondering, here's the top ten other ways you can be like Wil:

10) Throw up on women when they come near you, as they are scary and may have the "cooties."

9) Check your face daily for blemishes!

8) Listen to lots of Bob Seger.

7) Prank call Levar Burton, telling him he has 225 overdue books from the local library.

6) Ask your mom to make YOU a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

5) Always carry ten dollars worth of quarters in your pocket, in case you come across a bitchin' arcade.

4) Think naughty thoughts about Gates McFadden

3) Take your BMX bike out for a spin.

2) Finish the 8th grade.

And number one.....

1) Do lots and lots of cocaine!

RJ said...

Although I love the musical selections, I will miss the hillarity that is Adsense.

Thank God I got my "L Word" necklace before you gave them the axe...