Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Grave Matter of Questionable Political Association

You know, if there was going to be one thing that would cost Barack Obama Rickey’s invaluable vote, it wouldn’t have been the lack of experience, the cockiness, or the long-windedness. Something truly catastrophic would have to happen in order for Rickey to vote against Obama. We’re talking about a serious game changer here. And we think we’ve just stumbled upon it:

“Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, has now come out for the Phillies in the National League playoffs against the L.A. Dodgers. Mr. Obama made his pick known at the end of a brief phone interview with a conservative Philadelphia radio host, Michael Smerconish. The interview was conducted Thursday and is to air Friday morning.” -The NY Times Caucus Blog, 10/9/08

Really Senator, the Phillies? Seriously? Well, fuck. You sir, have lost Rickey’s vote. Quick, is Nader on the ballot in New York? And how long until the McCain camp is using this image in their attack ads?Rickey puts it to you thusly: can we, the American people, trust a presidential candidate who supports a team like this? Rickey thinks not. We're sorry Senator, but endorsing the Philadelphia Phillies simply does not constitute change that we can believe in. If you ask us, Obama hitching his wagon to the Phillies caravan is a far more damning association that the Richard Ayers thing. Eh, at least he’s rooting for an NL team Rickey supposes… But come on now, Obama has totally opened the door for John McCain to pick the Dodgers and Maverick Manny Ramirez. Like we said, this is a major game changer.

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Chris C said...

hehe who the hell you gonna vote for now? Palin's in with the Flyers, Obama's pulling for the Phillies.

The worst part is Phili fans are insane. I saw them boo Santa Claus for missing field goals at halftime at an Eagles game.

I would say going to a game in Phili is like going into a hostile environment.

upstate met fan said...

General J. Manuel for president. We believe in '09.

renalfailure said...

Anyone picking the Dodgers is obviously part of the Hollywood hate-America-first elitist horde.

Palin thought they wouldn't boo her if she came out on the ice with little Piper Palin at her side. WRONG! Philly not only boos children, we will boo your unborn fetus too. We will boo your sperm. When Jesus comes back, we'll boo him too.

Alex L said...

They should just settle the whole thing with a basball game... or just the bats.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks said...

well political association come out because of greed

David said...

Rickey confuses me.

He talks about life in Baton Rouge but then wants to know who's on the ballot in NY.

What is Rickey up to?