Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Goods Ain't Here

 ....they're here.  Proceed to the aforementioned link to read the thrilling conclusion of Rickey's gravitas laced interview with Chris of Angry Seafood.  We promise you that Rickey's stance on good mannered public niceties will have you thinking twice next time you shake hands with someone.  (We're told that in "the business" that last sentence is known as "the hook").  We'll be back with original thought tomorrow.  Rickey promises. 

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Smitty said...

I wonder if your interviewer felt even more confused by the time you were done with your interview than when they started it. I was vastly entertained.

George said...

I am so starting a blog called Riding with Frank Stallone.

Rickey Henderson said...

Rest assured, no one knows Rickey like you do Smitty. Glad you got a kick out of the interview.

George: absolutely, the man needs some press, does he not?

Adam said...

I felt like I was reading the diary of a madman. Excellent work!

Susan said...

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