Friday, April 27, 2007

Ms. Henderson Speaks

Hiya folks, Rickey here. In the spirit of trying ridiculously unncessary new things, we're kicking off a new column here at Riding with Rickey. If adventure has a name... it's a new blog column. The best part? This one is penned entirely by Ms. Henderson! Indeed. Think of it as Rickey's own little version of "The Sportsgal Speaks" from Bill Simmons' fantastic site. (Except this isn't written by a ditzy BoSox fan). And fittingly, the text is all in pink! Come now, what more could you possibly ask for?

Rickey admits, this is all kind of a ploy to boost his female readership over .5 hits per week. Look for this (hopefully) recurring column to appear whenever Rickey runs low on inspiration. So without further delay, let's turn things over to Rickey's infinitely better half. Take it away Ms. Henderson.

so Mr. Henderson has of late, been telling me that i should blog on his website. i really don't know why since I'm not the person that writes blogs. i'm that person that reads blogs. i read his blog, shouldn't that be enough? apparently not. so i suppose i'll give this a go, at least once, and see where it ends up. don't be shocked if this is the first and last installment. just giving out fair warning is all.

so for those not in the know, which is practically everybody reading this, i just moved from new jersey to new york . I am supposedly a new yorker now. my family lives in new jersey so i never felt the need to go very far. So now that i live in new york, what has changed (other then my address)? well, i still go home at least once a week. damned if I'm paying to do my laundry! you're not catching me in a laundromat anytime soon! i still get gas for my car in jersey. why should i pay new york prices? they're ridiculously high, plus i would have to pump my own gas. this is all very silly. why would one choose to pump their own gas? i can hear Mr. Henderson now: because it's faster and you don't have to wait on anyone. whatever. also, i'm still reeling from the fact that i have not found one place in westchester that has decent bagels. i'm a carbaholic and i need to have bagels in my life! another reason to go back to jersey.

so from going over what i have just written, it seems that i really haven't changed all that much about my life other then my address. hmm… interesting. some people might say i have a resistance to change going on here. i guess the big change here is that i now get to live with Mr. Henderson, which is a great perk and worth the move to westchester. they have to have decent bagels around here somewhere, right?

ok, so one last thing. i'm not always as amusing as Mr. Henderson is. so in parting, here's a link that's guaranteed to either make you laugh or just shake your head wondering what is wrong with the creators of this nonsense.

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Adam said...

Oh Jesus Christ, I think Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC is coming into my house after my having seen that video! Thanks a ton, Ms. Henderson!!!

Okay, I can help on the bagel front as I've lived in Westchester all my life. In my town of Ardsley, there is a bagel joint on Rt. 9A called "Stars Deli"-- awesome bagels. They are the real deal, and they have a spread of whitefish and sablefish (no, I'm not kidding) that would put any other place to shame. Second, and this is a little farther away but absolutely worth it is the bagel place right across from the Hartsdale Train Station, on Hartsdale Ave. I don't remember the name, but it's big and it has an obnoxious red and yellow bagel sign out front that you cannot miss. They do a bagel w/ lox and cream cheese that is totally legit.

Well, welcome to the blogoverse, Ms. Henderson. Keep coming back, and perhaps give us an inside peek into your life with Rickey as he is a very private man who needs to be made fun of publicly.

Carly said...

That video was whack!