Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Monday folks. A Mets season opening win coinciding with Passover beginning at sundown? Oh if that doesn’t call for the Mets yarmulke picture, then nothing does. After watching the Mets season opener and discussing the matter with Ms. Henderson, Rickey is now willing to concede the possibility that Shawn Greene actually might have something to contribute to the 2007 season (but he’s going right back in the penalty box the minute he slips up and does something that aggravates Rickey). So kickback and savor your Manischewitz wine this evening Greenie, Rickey supposes that you’ve kind of earned it.

And hey, after last night’s trouncing, clearly they all have. For Mets fans who suffered through the flattest of flat spring training seasons last night was a breath of fresh air. Everyone contributed in some way, shape, or form. Better yet, the Metropolitans had no problem whatsoever demonstrating that they could whomp the 2006 World Series Champions in all kinds of ways. And Rickey, being a big fan of lists, will now count them:

1 - Solid pitching my Glavine. Define: “seasoned veteran.” He was great, there’s just no other way to put it.

2 - Delgado's double. Ok, so maybe Taguchi (“that is So Taguchi!”) could have caught that ball, had he not inexplicably run into the wall and fallen down. But you know what, it was a solid hit and it broke the ice—and that was all the Mets needed all night thanks to....

3 - Four double-plays!!!!!!!! Sweet merciful jebus there’s nothing better than a little Reyes/Valentine magic in the infield.

4 - Lo Duca’s 3 RBIs. Always a good start to a season and a very good argument for him continuing in the two spot.

5 - Alou’s diving catch. Good to see the whole urinating on the hands thing is bearing tangible results. Admit it, Cliff Floyd most likely would've gotten up and hobbled away from a maneuver like that. Hell, Floyd would’ve shattered upon impact.

6 - Beltran’s rocket to peg Eckstein by about 10 feet at home plate with a throw that'd make you think it were August, and not April 1st. The best part? Paul LoDucca holding up the ball for the ump like a proud kindergartner after tagging Eckstein out (even though Rickey would’ve preferred to see LoDucca jam it down Eckstein’s throat. Scrappy my ass. Take a look at Ben Johnson and David Newhan. That’s scrappyness for ya.

7 - Jose Valentin putting out the fire on a St. Louis rally by doing his best Wally Backman impression up the middle. Good times.

See what can happen when the games actually count for something, and starters play an entire 9 inning game together? Is Rickey still worried by fact that 75% of the Mets players have salt-and-pepper hair? Yes, a little, but last night went a long way to allay those fears. So tough luck St. Louis, the Metsies saw red, played some solid baseball, thus spoiling your little coronation night. See you schmucks on “ring night.”

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Mike said...

savor your Manischewitz wine

I'm unfamiliar with this concept.

Sweet game, though. 'Stache put on a clinic with the glove. And a single, too.

Adam said...

Happy Passover my brother!

Sorry I've been MIA of late, I've been busy chasing Tahitian tail, and we all know how that ends up.

BTW, that Bauer/Riker thing was priceless.

Rickey Henderson said...

re: Manischwitz wine, last night Rickey had the stunningly brilliant realization that it kinda tastes like Maddog. Awesomeness.

Good to see you round Adam.