Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Great Moments in Radio Broadcasting

Ouch, how low do you have to sink before you're apologizing to freaking Al Sharpton? Clearly Don Imus, grizzled old cowboy/cryptkeeper that he is, has finally buried the needle on the Absurd Richter Scale. Although Rickey is a little late to the game, bear with him while he briefly editorializes on the Don Imus shenanigans:

By the hair of Sanjia, who cares what Imus said? He said something moronic, senile, racist, and sexist. Well good morning, sun! Why does it matter? When did radio show hosts become such paragons of virtue that we as a nation must recoil when they say something untoward and offensive? And where’s the outrage over the hatred that the Rush Limbaughs of the world spew out on a regular basis?

It's not as if we're looking to these people for guidance. We're becoming a nation of second-graders where everyone is a tattle-tale and every perceived slight requires apology tours and press conferences and meetings and rehab and, finally, healing (yes, Rickey had all of those things in second grade).

But hey, now that Anna Nicole Smith has officially faded from the news cycle, the beast needed someone else to eat. Might as well be Don Imus, right?

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Mike said...

Rickey's talking sense here.

(Rickey's also been posting without titles lately -- just pointing it out in case he didn't realize.)

Rickey Henderson said...

Yeah Rickey's no good at thinking up titles. Name a decent headerline and it's yours Mike.

Mike said...

No way, Rick. Too much pressure.

DCThrowback said...

Show me some of that Limbaugh hatred you're talking about there, Rickey.

I'd like some concrete examples...links, please? Thanks.

Rickey Henderson said...

For recent examples, I’d refer you to Rush’s comments on the Abu Garib abuse scandal. Or his comments on Donovan McNabb’s athletic abilities as a black quarterback in the NFL. Or his expert medical diagnosis on Michael J. Fox’s medical condition. The man is a twisted idiot, plain and simple.

Toasty Joe said...

Bravo on all counts, Rickey. Good stuff.