Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rickey's Sunday Shoutout

If there's an entity that will suffer the most from the 2008 Election coming to an end, it is Saturday Night Live, which has been uncharacteristically funny as of late. Rickey's favorite sketch from this Saturday's installment: an absolutely brilliant spoof of Keith Olberman's "Countdown." Who knew that Ben Affleck had this in him?

Personally, Rickey enjoys Olberman's shtick, but this is just inspired stuff--tantamount to the "Hardball" spoof that Darrel Hammond used to do.

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CajoleJuice said...

I thought this was pretty damn great, too. Affleck is off on the voice, but everything else was brilliant. And it looked like he was enjoying himself quite a bit, which made it even funnier.

Mike said...

Wow. That was outstanding, and very funny too.

Smitty said...

Perfect. Sure, his voice wasn't right, but the timing, the righteous indignation and the weird places to put emphasis was spot-on.

This will make me like Affleck again until he does another movie.