Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Your Weekly Political Update: In Which America Does the Right Thing

...And now Rickey is now feeling just a tad more vindicated for having contributed money to the Obama campaign. Whew. Lo and behold, an unlikely Barack Hussein Obama has proved himself able to wrestle a glimmering sword from a rather unyielding cultural and societal stone. (how's that for purple prose?)

Because we're all in need of a bit of well deserved levity, because you've endured two years of inane political babbling, and because Rickey fashions himself as the cool hand at the champagne cork, we've decided to let our hair down and just enjoy this election day and the magnanimous sea change that it brings with it. Come inauguration day, we sincerely hope that Obama's speech goes something like this...

[tap tap tap] "Uh, yes, is this thing on? Ok, good. First act as President: the American people will never have to witness a tiresome political contest like this one ever again. From this day forward, elections last no longer than three weeks. Look at my fucking grey temples for christsakes! Second act as President: Wynton Marsalis plays "Hail to the Chief" whenever I enter or exit a room. Third and final act as President: we're auctioning off Alaska on EBay. That's it, I'm done. Peace, fuckers." [walks off stage leaving bad mic feedback]

Now if you'll excuse Rickey, there's a rather inviting bottle of Veuve Clicquot with his name on it and an equally gleeful fiance to share it with. We searched long and hard for a fitting video to best express Rickey's profound relief and jubilation over today's events, and we think we've nailed it. We're not entirely sure who this Gogol Bordello fellow is or what his deal is, but when it comes to today's much deserved inebriated revelry, he absolutely nails the sentiments coursing through Rickey's veins. Behold, the Wonderlust King:

By jove, we think we've just discovered the perfect first dance song for Rickey's wedding in June. Call us batshit crazy, but nothing spells happiness quite like frolicking Eastern Bloc villagers. God bless you magnificent gypsy punk rockers, and congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama.

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Adam said...

I hope President Obama doesn't give his State of the Union addresses at midnight! Sweet Jesus, I'm gonna be a mess at work tomorrow (err, today).

Rickey, don't forget to give Michelle some love too. Hottest. First Lady. Ever.

Smitty said...

Agree with adam: Michelle Obama is more milf-a-licious than whats-her-name from Alaska.

Smitty celebrated with a Stone Russian Imperial Stout. And a Founders Breakfast Stout. And a Smithwick's. And a Michigan Brewing Co. Mackinac Pale Ale. And a Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. Smitty is nearly incoherent.

NPR is dithering on about Sarah Palin. Who the fuck is Sarah Palin?

Where did you find that video? I thought it was a spoof by Borat. I actually watched more than half of it beore I realized it was real. But I am way too hammered to care.

Mike said...

don't forget to give Michelle some love too.

Something tells me Barack had that shit covered last night.

Think how psyched your wife is when you get a promotion, or a raise, or a good review on a big project.

I think "honey, I'm home, and by the way, I was elected President of the United States today" is gonna get you laid.

Jeff said...

1. Congrats to you, me and the rest of the world on our new president!

2. Congrats to you and your fiance! Please tell me I won't have to rent a tux.

Bob said...

Smitty: We need a commemorative name for that beer you brewed yesterday.

Rickey Henderson said...

Adam: You know, and here Rickey was expecting pity comments about how much of a watershed event this was. But no, Rickey gets the "Michelle Obama is purty" comments instead. Shows what Rickey knows.

Smitty: Rickey heard that song in some commercial and just had to know who was responsible for it. Yes, it's similar to Borat, but without the intentional humor.

maybe i can help... said...

...as for the events of last night, I still am speechless (in a good way). I'll leave my comments to address the fine music known as Gypsy Punk.

I have actually seen Gogol Bordello in concert not once, but twice... once actually as a headliner. They put on a tremendous. If you like your music with a mixture of fiddles, sword dancing, lots of vodka and fire. Gypsy punk is for you!

Adam said...

Who am I supposed to be? Mark Halperin? I'm a blogger, dammit! Until they start paying me for this stuff, I will remain a man-child.

But Rickey still hasn't weighed in on Michelle's hotness...

Rickey Henderson said...

Tom: Rickey is ever so glad that someone else out there enjoys this band. Gypsy Punk is Rickey's new favorite music genre.

Adam: well she's certainly no Ida McKinley, but yes, Michelle Obama is pretty damned hot.

Doug at Taunt Vortex said...

It's sweet, isn't it ?

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take Wednesday off - I knew I'd either be profoundly depressed, or happy and hungover. Either way, going to work would have been a bitch.

So I've had a nice relaxing day here in Central Texas, a beautiful sunny day with blue skies. I've just sort of been smiling for no apparent reason all day - and when I've been out driving, the sight of "McCain/Palin" stickers has triggered uproarious spasms of belly laughter.


Rickey Henderson said...

Oh you live in absolutely the best state to gleefully celebrate, Doug. Rickey is envious.

Charcool said...

Ricky, got distracted to your blog from my daily Google feed of BBQ grill posts (pathetic no?).

Yes, yes, yes to everything Obama but many more thanks for Gogol Bordello!!

What a great music clip. Not a lot of Gypsy Punk is Australia but should be more.

Love to see your wedding vid!!

cheers mate.

David said...

That will be one damn festive wedding reception. I can hardly wait to get my invitation.