Friday, April 11, 2008

Feats of the Wit!

Every once and a while, Rickey comes across an online contest that tickles his fancy and kindles his inner competitive fire. We feel that the one we’re about to delve into absolutely qualifies as such. Because nothing makes for good comedy quite like yesterday’s dashed visions of tomorrow, Author Mark Rayner over The Squib (your one stop shop for all things monkey-related) is running a contest revolving around vintage ads of fictional futures. The premise behind the competition is that you must comb the internet for vintage ads and then insert a product in them from a fictional future. Kind of nifty, no? Behold, the rules!

1) Create your masterpiece
2) Post it to your blog (Wondering why you had to read about this today? Well this is why)
3) Link to Mark's post
4) Wait for the aplomb and/or ridicule of your peers. (There will be much of the latter we’re assuming)

What could drive such a vain and self centered fellow as Rickey to spend a whopping 7 minutes on this exercise? Well you see, the grand prize consists of a prominent walk on role in Mark’s upcoming novel, and that prompted Rickey, ever in search of literary immortality, to cast his mismatched hat in the ring. Please note that while Rickey was one of the miscreants formally tagged to participate in the contest, it is open to anyone with a keen sense of humor and a basic working knowledge of graphics editing software. Or you could just scribble "I am the Omega Man!" in crayon on a postcard of Belleville, NJ and submit it to Mark and see what happens. And so, without further delay, below is Rickey’s submission:
A disclaimer: Rickey doesn’t have Photoshop, so this stunning composition had to be crafted on the graphical powerhouse that is Microsoft Paint. Another disclaimer: the submission is more marginally clever than funny, but hey, let’s see one of you bastards do better. A hearty handshake goes to the first person to correctly identify which trippy 60’s science fiction novel the slogan is derived from. Two hearty handshakes go to the person who can identify the nickname of those who are enthusiasts of the author of the story.

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Mark said...

I won't spoil the fun and answer, Rickey. (Or should that be Roy.)

Fun entry and thanks for spreading the word! m.

Haley said...

I'll spoil the fun, ya dickhead. :)

George said...

In the Woody Allen film "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Dick (but Were Afraid to Ask)" Gene Wilder dreams of an electric one. And makes sure you'll never be able to look at a bottle of Woolite innocently again.

Rickey Henderson said...

Mark: "Roy"? Rickey doesn't quite follow.

Haley: as you answered the trivia question out of sequence, no points will be awarded.

George: Rickey has long ago cast off woolite for the space age wonders of dryer sheets.

mr. met said...

Am I allowed to say whatever I want as long as it is followed by a " :) "? Does this apply to every situation where I am typing something, or just here?

Smitty said...

I was gonna say that the trippy 60s novel was Ubik. Am I right? DO I win?

Feng said...

Do androids dream of electric Feng?

Very nice work.

AmyV said...

i have been on a complete philip k dick reading spree lately. read that book eons ago but i think i need to read it again. and watch the movie again.

yagmurunsesi said...

Thanks man good job.

Anonymous said...

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