Monday, March 10, 2008

Rickey's Monday Mail In

Rickey’s reeling from the nefarious daylight saving time shift and having spent all of Sunday trudging around potential wedding venues, so we’ll keep this Monday kickoff post short, sweet, and blissfully free of intelligent thought. A friend alerted Rickey to presence of the following site, Stuff White People Like, which has caught Rickey’s ever watchful eye. We’d preface the site with some sort of witty intro, but the site name pretty much says it all. It’s essentially stomach punch central for a guy like Rickey. Below are a few items that the site examines that directly apply to Rickey and caused him to say, “yep, Rickey’s just a sad white dude”:

#5 Farmer’s Markets

#8 Barack Obama

#10 Wes Anderson Movies

#13 Tea

#25 David Sedaris

#38 Arrested Development

#40 Apple Products

#42 Sushi

#46 The Sunday New York Times

#54 Kitchen Gadgets

#63 Expensive Sandwiches

#67 Standing Still at Concerts

#68 Michel Gondry

#80 The Idea of Soccer

#85 The Wire

What items do they have you pegged on? Their complete list can be found hither. And with that, Rickey takes his leave and heads out into the unforgivingly brilliant light of a Monday morning. We’ll be back tomorrow with day one of “Wedding Watch” and an in depth discussion of the pros & cons of booking a wedding at a castle containing a toilet seat used by Hillary Clinton. Rickey, out.

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Smitty said...

I am slow and lazy today. I blogwhored your blog, which blogwhored another blog. But I gave you credit. Ain't it great?

Smitty said...

By the way, I always thought of myself as worldly. But after reading that list and seeing how much I agree with...I am hopelessly white.

Rickey Henderson said...

You fool! It is your very attempt at worldliness that makes you all the whiter!

(and many thanks for the unbridled whorage)

AmyV said...

Hmm. Here's where I stand:

* #85 The Wire
* #83 Bad Memories of High School
* #82 Hating Corporations
* #80 The Idea of Soccer
* #78 Multilingual Children
* #64 Recycling
* #63 Expensive Sandwiches
* #60 Toyota Prius
* #52 Sarah Silverman
* #51 Living by the Water
* #50 Irony
* #46 The Sunday New York Times
* #44 Public Radio
* #42 Sushi
* #40 Apple Products
* #38 Arrested Development
* #35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report
* #30 Wrigley Field
* #29 80s Night
* #28 Not having a TV (i know this sounds counterintuitive, given i write for a TV blog, but I like the _idea_ of not having a TV)
* #25 David Sedaris
* #24 Wine
* #19 Traveling
* #10 Wes Anderson Movies
* #9 Making you feel bad about not going outside
* #1 Coffee

There are a couple I left off here so as not to give away _too_ much about myself.

Adam said...

You're all blogwhores!

And so is Eliot Spitzer. Wait.

George said...

Sure you're doing wedding stuff. Tell the truth--you've been madly preparing for our fantasy baseball draft tonight (if it happens tonight).

Rickey Henderson said...

It's going to be a small miracle if Rickey doesn't accidentally draft someone's freezer. That having been said, watch out for The Menschwarmers this years--they're frisky.

The Witty Mulatto said...

It's okay, Rickey. I'm not even white, and that site's pegged me on some stuff.

Mike said...

Rickey, I think he's also nailed your musical taste, didn't he? I know Of Montreal is on there; Belle & Sebastian surely are as well.

leigh said...

omg. i think i've discovered i'm actually black.