Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Meme Fever: Catch It!

Rickey was tagged by Mr. Furious (happy fucking Easter to you too buddy) to participate in the following little meme in which Rickey is required to truthfully answer four questions about himself. Rickey’s sentiments on the matter are best summed up by fellow blogger Smitty, who insightfully commented upon being tagged for this meme that “Blogging is sometimes like unprotected sex in this particular light.” And indeed it is. But on the bright side, Rickey is now knocked up and pregnant with blogging material this morning. So behold, your daily fuckwittery in the form of something called the “4x4 Meme”:

4 jobs Rickey has had: wreck diver, wombat juggler, longshoreman, and wallet inspector. Oh wait, we have to answer these truthfully? Damnit, ok then: snack bar order taking guy at posh country club, assistant research librarian, receptionist/office fetcher, and most recently, full-blown government stooge.

4 TV shows Rickey watches: Well, we can’t count The Wire anymore since it’s off the air, so here you go: BSG, LOST, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, and 24 (if it ever freaking returns—there is a hole in Rickey’s heart where an angry Jack Bauer used to reside).

4 places Rickey has been: Tortola, Florence, London, and Shea Stadium. Many, many times at Shea...

4 foods Rickey likes: escargots, tongue sandwiches, kosher dill pickles, and mint chocolate chip milkshakes. Rickey is nothing if not eclectic in his culinary preferences.

And now to tag 4 poor unsuspecting fools… Let’s see here:

Toasty Joe
Ed the Gent

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Smitty said...

Strangely, you could have left "wombat juggler" and "wallet inspector" on the list, and I'd have believed it.

Anonymous said...

'No Reservations' is pretty much the only show on television that I can sit through an entire episode of and end up mildly entertained.

Toasty Joe said...

clearly we are scraping the bottom of the meme barrel with this one. but I'll play along. sigh...

Chris C said...

whew, I didn't get picked. :)

Ed the Gent said...

Man of Steal,

I did thy bidding. I hope it is up to task.



yagmurunsesi said...

Thanks man good job.