Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On Nothingness

Amidst all the hubbub and rigmarole of his day to day life, Rickey had completely forgotten that he had a blog entrusted to his care to maintain. And because we’ve developed a begrudging respect for the scores of pederasts, moonbats, and transients that comprise our loyal readership, we’ve decided that now is the time to lay our cards on the table and fess up to the truth. The truth is that Rickey is suffering from creative bankruptcy as of late. How did Rickey’s unfathomably deep well of inspiration run dry? Well, allow Rickey to elaborate upon the matter.

You see, recently, Rickey joined a gym and is now actively trying to get back in shape. After a week of membership with the NYSC, we noticed that a curious side effect took place. After strapping himself into various ominous looking devices of physical punishment and partaking in the great American tradition of puritanical self flagellation that encompasses the fitness culture, Rickey found that his desire to blog had severely waned. Maybe it’s because an hour at the gym after work each night relieves Rickey of the angst that made for good blogging material. Maybe the workouts have rendered Rickey too damn tired to blog as frequently. Or maybe Rickey just loves his fledgling man-muscles more than his readership. Whatever the reason may be, we’re noticing a direct correlation between the sports club membership and a lack of creative material to work with here at RwR. We hate to say it, but blandness, thy name is a healthy lifestyle.

And then, further mucking up things is this:

Indeed, in what could easily be a crippling blow for this website, Rickey’s office has decided to block access to any and all forms of blogs, most relevantly, those in the Blogger family of products. And no, Rickey’s hardly the type to forsake office work for wanton internet frivolity, but this development does indeed cast a dark shadow upon future blogging endeavors. We suppose Rickey could blog at home, but that’s kind of Rickey’s time, you know? A time best spent on worthwhile activities such as caterpillar husbandry, cultivating his blossoming drinking problem, and meticulously rearranging the contents of his kitchen utensil drawers.

What we’re getting at here is that thanks to this perfect storm of blogging hurdles, there might be an increased hiatus between new posts here on this site. But don’t panic goddamnit. Rickey recommends that you remain calm and continue to stop by this site often to gripe about the downtick in new material, because as everyone knows, nothing motivates people quite like a good guilt trip. Or even better, feel free to chime in with ideas that would make for entertaining posts here on this site. Be it woefully unfunny links, lolcats, memes, or some other form of silly internet circle jerk, we’ll take whatever we can get, we’re not picky. And if you feel like writing your local congressman on this grave matter, by all means, break out your crayons and make with the scribbling. His absentee landlord of a muse permitting, Rickey will be back shortly with original & mildly coherent material. In the meantime: Courage.

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leigh said...

dude - websense sucks. that's why i have my own non-blogger blog. it can get by anything.

yes, it cost me a little money, but nobody tells leigh when to blog, dammit. i can put you in touch with someone who can handle all the details for you if you're interested, and import all your existing blogger content. plus you get your own nifty URL. you could just be

as for being blocked at work, someone recently visited my blog through this link:
although, i don't know why they would use it, unless they're trying to hide their identity. hmmmm....maybe i have a stalker. i'm not blocked at work, so i'd be interested in knowing if this really works.

AmyV said...


Mikey P said...


maybe i can help... said...

That's why god invented email blogging! You can just compose your blog in an email, and send it to blogger for posting... I did it when I mobile blogged from my recent Italy trip.
As for viewing the blog, you can always just use a proxy web site that will bypass the ol' corporate firewall. Do a google search for "Proxy Site" and you'll find a bunch.

Mark said...

There must be something in the air -- I'm also suffering a creativity gap.

Don't worry, I'm sure the Internet will still be there when you get back.

John Peterson said...

It's called a proxy server.


Wireless said...

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Alex L said...

We shall await with baited breath for the angry return of you and your muse, and stop wasting your energy on personal improvement, you have readers dammit! ;)

Rickey Henderson said...

Tom & John: Rickey's IT people at work have also blocked access to proxy servers. They're not complete idiots...

However, the email blogging is a viable possibility. Does it jive well with Blogger's wonky formatting? Will pictures be able to be posted?

Wireless: Thanks for the hug. Rickey has long enjoyed THE WIRELESS.

Smitty said...

When Rickey quickly get himself into supreme fighting shape, he will find more time to blog.