Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Music Tuesday

Rickey has long subscribed to the fundamental belief that nothing is as intensely personal as one’s taste in music. Moreover, in the realm of blogging, disclosing one’s musical preferences ranks somewhere in between publishing one’s Social Security number and posting pictures of one’s genitals for the world to see. Is Rickey shy about discussing his auditory predilections? Not particularly, in no small part because Rickey considers his musical taste to be fantastically well cultivated and deep (feel free to disagree at the risk of having your tongue plucked out and buried at low tide).

So, taking a cue from fellow blogger George, Rickey has opted to post a playlist of our choicest tunes for your cultural enlightenment. This is a predominantly indie mix (let's face it: you've heard "Back in Black" a bazillion times on the radio already) so some bands you might be familiar with, others not so much. Rickey has linked the songs back to the itunes store so you can give them a listening to, but we’d like to remind you that all the songs mentioned below can be easily ascertained by other means (*cough*bittorrent-indie-playlist*cough*).

“The Blues Are Still Blue”, by Belle & Sebastian. (Indeed they are. This is one of Rickey's top 10 favorite bands by the way).

“Bethamphetamine (Pretty Pretty)”, by Butch Walker and The Let's Go Out Tonites.

“Under Pressure”, by Keane. (About freaking time we got a decent cover of this song).

“Tick Tick Boom”, by The Hives. (Because deep down, there's a little punk-rocker inside all of us).

“The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song”, by The Flaming Lips.

“Rainbow In The Dark", by Tilly & The Wall. (For our .015 female readers, Rickey figured he'd toss in a few female artists in the mix. You ladies will find that this song is great for twirling around to in a field of lillies!)

“Lake Michigan", by Rogue Wave.

“Elephant Gun”, by Beirut. (In addition to helping Rickey deduce the engagement ring size, Ms. Henderson's sister also introduced Rickey to this terrific band and goddamnit are they good).

“Firecracker”, by Steel Train.

“Roll On Oblivion”, by Jason Collett. (Huzzah for catchy fatalistic ditties!)

“Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”, by Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs. (Twangy!)

“Gray Or Blue”, by Jaymay.

“I Feel Weird”, by Steel Train. (Such an intruiging band that Rickey had to post two of their songs. They're all over the place thematically. Maybe it's a tad blasphemous for some, but Rickey digs the raw emotion at work in this song).

“I Shall Overcome”, by Hard-Fi. (Not a bad workout song for those looking to unleash hell on the elliptical machine!)

“All The Old Showstoppers”, by The New Pornographers.

"Oh My”, by Office. (Rickey digs the bombastic Brit bands).

“Fifty Seven”, by Kid Harpoon. (Not listed on itunes?! Bleh, screw you Apple)

“Knights of Cydonia”, by Muse. (The perfect song for riding out into an acid tinged sunset on your very own soul quest. Or for molesting ferrets to. Take your pick.)

“Nothing from Nothing”, by Billy Preston. (If this song doesn't make you want to get up and dance around then Rickey regrets to inform you that you're clinically dead).

“Charmed Life”, by Mick Jagger. (A rather fitting song considering the recent news story about how Mick escaped an assasination attempt by the Hell's Angels. How great a story is that? They had planned a sea assault on Mick Jagger's estate, but their boat capsized in the storm. And this of course sets up the terrific visual of a band of shipwrecked Hell's Angels washing up on shore, their beards dampened and their leather outfits shrunken by the sea water).

So there you have it: a well rounded mix of twenty songs, hand squozen from Rickey’s itunes collection that as luck would have it, just manage to fit on a single audio CD. Yes, Rickey’s still stuck in the musical dark ages--if anyone could recommend an ipod FM transmitter that isn’t complete crap, Rickey would be much obliged. Rickey refuses to install an ipod compatible CD deck in his Saab primarily because a trip to the car audio section of his local Best Buy would be fraught with annoying sales pitches of garish woofers and tweeters by a 19 year old with frosted blond hair tips that Rickey is tempted to individually pluck out with tweezers and use as currency when he travels abroad to an underdeveloped sub-saharan nation.

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Mr Furious said...


I found that Sweet/Hoffs combo CD at the library and ripped it into iTunes, but haven't listend to it yet...

I had an iTrip (by Griffin) that worked well in my old car, but sounds fairly crappy in my Volvo which has an embedded rear window antennae and the reception is weaker, and the stereo won't let me add enough treble which seems necessary with these transmitter things...I'm eagerly awaiting the feedback on this too, so I can upgrade...

Oh, and Tag

Rickey Henderson said...

Yeah, no clue, buddy. Rickey enjoys making up words and phrases. Rickey will get right on that meme at his earliest possible conenience.

mr. met said...

You might be able to get the iPod hook up hard wired for about $200. I had that until it broke. Now I'm on my back Monster FM tuner, which is marginal, but better than the others because you can tune into any station and not just some preset ones.

You just have to find the right stations. I toggle between 88.1 and 105.7 depending upon where I am.

I would rather hit a bad spot than still burn CDs!!! That is just silly talk!

mr. met said...

Oh, get in touch with your softer side and lay down some City and Colour. Good stuff.

Adam said...

You're gonna make me spend money, aren't you? Bastard... (thanks for the music tips!).

Rickey Henderson said...

Adam--It aint like that. Rickey recommends taking another look at the end of the second paragraph. RIAA be damned, Rickey hasn't paid for music since god knows when.

And as Mr. Furious mentioned, you can always peruse your local library's music collection...

Zoinks, he said. said...

You can try this thing:


I dunno how well it works. To be honest, I just ordered my first iPod today. I've been making do with a kickass little Rio. Unfortunately, we're experienceing some battery death, and it's time to retire the poor bastard. I'm getting the iPod because it's got grotesque storage, and I can spend air miles.

Bee said...

I once told someone that Apolonia 6 sucked. I was met with screeching and crying.
Nothing pisses anybody off as much as insulting their taste in music. I wil never do that again.

Alex L said...

No 'Deathspell omega' hey... well french deathmetal isnt for everyone is it. I'll commend you on your choice of the hives, but apart from them my indie tolerance is quite low. Just thank the lord you dont have my taste, I'm so sick of being questioned why i listen to what I do, I just stopped talking about music.

Mike said...

Rickey, what B&S album is that off of? I have mine on I-tunes and I don't even know half the names of the songs. I'm wondering if I have it . . . but I'm too lazy right now to scroll threw I-tunes.

Rickey Henderson said...

Bee: Apollonia 6 does in fact truly suck.

Alex l: Deathmetal from the French? That's nothing if not unique...

Mike: That song is from the B&S album "The Life Pursuit" but Rickey believes it can be found on "Anywhere Anytime".