Friday, March 30, 2007

Your Weekly Links

Looking for a way to whittle away the time until the Mets unleash a whomping of biblical proportions upon the entire city of St. Louis this Sunday night? Well you could always go on a monster cocaine binge punctuated by Dante-esque hallucinations and maniacal laughter. Or you could seek out amusement in these links:

Ready to get into the Passover spirit? No? Neither is Rickey. Anyway, proceed here. It’s Jew-riffic. Or Jew-tacular, if you will.

Rickey’s sibling responds in rare form, challenging “I’ll see your Passover video and raise you a NIN song remake starring Kemit the Frog.” Well done sir, well done.

Fantastic, athletes are collecting stem cells from their family members to heal themselves in the event of injury. Mmmm, brains, precious, brains…

Would you like to see Jack Bauer battle William Riker in Street Fighter? Of course you would. Go hither.

Why are the best two t-shirts ever unavailable and made by a clothing outfitter for overly effeminate men? There’s no justice in this world.

Homemade Indian ice cream? Sans curry? Hm, sounds worth trying…

They’ve announced the street date for Apple’s latest bid at global domination. God help us all. Eh, who is he kidding? Rickey’s just jealous that he’s bound to a Verizon contract for another year.

Finally, over at Yankees 2000 (your one stop shop for Yanks bashing and Mets adoration) they’ve posted a brief preview of the 2007 baseball season to get you psyched. Any article that labels Reyes as someone “on the brink of changing the game of baseball” deserves your time, dontcha think?

Enjoy Sunday night’s game folks. And pay no mind to the Cardinals World Series Pennant raising ceremony that ESPN2 will undoubtedly broadcast. At 83 and 78, St. Louis was the team with the worst record ever to win the World Series. Expect the Mets to remind them of that this Sunday night.

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Mike said...

A good ole' butt whipping would be nice.

Wonder if Poo Holes'll give Tommy any credit for the win this time?

Dan in Texas said...

I love that Tom Seaver T-Shirt and cracked up when I saw what you meant by "Overly effeminate men" Great Job Rickey!
Let's Go Mets!