Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ho Hum

You’ll have to pardon the recent lapse in activity around here—Rickey has been hard at work packing up all his worldly possessions in anticipation of switching apartments next weekend. For the record, moving is a total bitch and should be avoided at all costs. When all the painting, packing, and lifting are taken into account, suddenly squatting doesn’t sound like such a bad proposition. The cruel irony of it all is that the new apartment is only 15 goddamned minutes down the road. But on the plus side, it is gi-normous and has 3 bedrooms. (One of which Rickey totally plans to convert into a masturbatorium).

Now that we’ve succeeding in scaring all friends and family members away, let’s discuss “24.” Rickey has nothing whatsoever to say about this week’s “24.” It was just very, uh, boring. Perhaps after 6 seasons of unfettered gravitas, torture scenes, terrorist threats, and Kiefer getting progressively crazier, the shtick is beginning to wearing thin? Or perhaps we’re all becoming scarily desensitized to the wanton violence that typifies a “24” episode? Either way, nothing in Monday night’s show inspired Rickey to write anything particularly prolific this week, so he’s just going to go ahead and cry uncle and post several random observations.

  • Huzzah for an episode with Morris and Chloe being useful and not ridiculously annoying. That whole Morris/alcoholism subplot seems to have gone the way of the random sexual harassment chick storyline from last season. “Did you see how he touched me? That was wrong.” Exactly what makes the writers of “24” think that the audience cares about boring office events that transpire at CTU? Next week, will we be treated to an entire episode consisting of Bill Buchanan conducting an OSHA training class? A staff meeting discussing the new CTU dental plan? Anything’s possible! Tune in next Monday and watch!

  • Two consulate break-ins in two seasons in a row? Its official, the show’s writers have run out of new ideas. Even better, they actually admit to it in the show’s script when Bill talks to Jack and says something to the effect of, “uh, hey Jack, you already did this once, you sure you want to do it again?” Any why exactly is the Russian Consulate located in a residential section of L.A.? But on the positive side, we can be certain that in the season finale, the following exchange will take place: “Jack, there's a call from your nephew (snicker).” “Hello, Josh?” BAM!!! Off to a Siberian gulag!

  • It’s a real bad sign that next week’s 20 second preview entertained me much more than the preceding 40 minutes of the show did. Rickey would like to remind his readers that he totally called Martha and Aaron returning this season as a couple. Although it’s not exactly a crowning achievement, since any numbskull could have predicted their reemergence. All the real fans know that any season of “24” without Aaron Pierce is a complete and utter trainwreck. Kind of like how any “Lost” episode without Sayid is a total disaster. You few remaining “Lost” enthusiasts know what Rickey is talking about.

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John Royal said...

Hey, Rickey, the return of Martha and Aaron's the only reason I'm still watching.

The Jack Sack said...

Dude, you called it- Monday's episode was really prety flat. I am struggling to pull together anything funny about the show on my blog. It's not that the concepts are dry, I honestly think the writers have declined to let these characters be more human and alive. There was an assassination attempt on Wayne Palmer and everyone is doing their thing, nonchalantly filing paperwork at the White House, etc. This is beginning to reek of George Lucas dramatic writing, and that's not cool.

And yes, next week we get (hopefully) some redemption with the return of Aaron Pierce and Martha Logan's peanut-toss at Charles' head. Oh, and a sick-ass shoot-out at the Russian Consulate, hopefully reigniting the Cold War in the process. I hope things get better because after 12 hours, I'm not thrilled. By this same point last season, Edgar just died in the Syntox attack on CTU. This season is lagging behind.

The Jack Sack said...

Heh, I wrote some variation of "hope" several times in the last paragraph of my post above. Yes, I am a "24" apologist.