Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pardon the severe lapse in writing lately. Rickey has been hard at work honing his ice sculpture skills as well as calculating how many 12-year olds he could beat up before they overtook him. One day all this will undoubtedly earn Rickey a Nobel Prize. But rest assured readers, Rickey’s back. So what better way for Rickey to kick start things again than with a brand spanking new column of:


Getting a free NYTimes select subscription. Still have your trusty .edu address from your heady college days? Then you too can access all that the NY Times has to offer. Congratulations, that $35K+ a year has earned you the privilege of listening to Maureen Dowd rant creepily about Margaret Spellings' love life. Woot.

The Traveling Wilburys. Never heard of this band? You might know ‘em better as George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, and Bob Dylan. Yeah, those guys.

Befriending someone with season tickets to a local sporting event. It absolutely kills Rickey that he has to scour Ebay and Stubhub for decent Mets tickets this season… Bastards.

Edible Arrangements. Ms. Henderson recently alerted Rickey to this store’s nearby presence and he is now intrigued. Evidently they’re some kind of decorative fruit arrangement retailer. Very interesting. You can most likely find them in the fruit district. (Or via the store locator on the company website).

Leaving your dog at a place like this when you go away on vacation. Streaming video feed of your canine while you’re away? Good stuff. (The gi-normous white Samoyed is Rickey’s). Rock on Cosmo, you’re the goddamned alpha dog and you know it.

Rome. Ok, so maybe Rickey is a little late to the party, but this was a damn fine show nonetheless. Unfortunately, anyone with a basic knowledge of Roman history already knows how the plot is going to develop, which does spoil the show a little bit. Except for that one episode where Julius Caesar teams up with Jesus Christ to steal Genghis Kahn’s stuffed toy yak. That was kind of a shocker.

Nerf Weaponry. Fun, but in a decidedly non-lethal kind of way. When he’s feeling frisky, Rickey is going to try to bring a suitcase full of these ridiculously goofy things on to an airplane and see what happens. What, is the “N-Strike Longshot CS-6” not a reasonable piece of carry on luggage?

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Ed in Westchester said...

I have the Traveling Wilburys CD. Actually, my dad has it, but I ripped it to my PC and it is now on my iPod.

fun fact - Ed's old fantasy hockey team used to be called "the traveling milbury's"

Rickey Henderson said...

That's fantastic. After a period of deliberation, Rickey's going with "The Mench Warmers" as the name for his fantasy baseball team.

aqoona said...

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Mike said...

I have the Traveling Wilburys from when it came out too.

I remember playing it from time-to-time back then, but I have no idea what songs were on it except those two "hits": "Handle With Care" and "End of the Line" I think they were.

Rickey Henderson said...

Uh, dog food secrets on how to keep my canine alive for 5-8 years longer than expected? Okey dokey then... Who are these people?

Mike--you're ommitting the best Traveling Wilbury's song ever: "Last Night." Roy Orbison's vocals on it are pretty cool.

Mike said...

I told you I don't remember it.

Rickey Henderson said...

oops, yeah, my bad.

Toasty Joe said...

What about that song "She Loves Your...." something something. I had both their cassette tapes in high school.

Rickey - that link to the streaming dog video isn't working. Can you give me a new link? Thanks.

Rickey Henderson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rickey Henderson said...

Joe, try here:

The 2nd or 3rd page is where Rickey's dog Cosmo is.