Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy times are upon us at last. It’s almost April which not only means the dawn of a new baseball season, but also a new fantasy baseball season as well. Last year, Rickey’s fantasy baseball team performed magnificently under the auspicious moniker of “The Rusty Trombones.” This year, he’s hoping to do even better. Rickey has whittled down his list of suitable team names to what you see below:

Keep Rolen Rolen Rolen
The Armando Benitez Experience
The Nappy Dugouts
Oedipus Rex and the Mama’s Boys
Kerry Wood's Hot Tub
The Van Buren Boys

Cory Lidle’s Passport
The Baseball Furies
Jeff Kent's Moustache
The Overpaid Journeymen
Draft Bonds, He's Good
The Mensch Warmers
Vandalay Industries
The Wobblies
Explosive Renteria
Dr. Terror's Team of Horrors

Got a better name? Well then go ahead and add it in the comments section chief. But beware: Rickey will go on a maniacal killing spree if anyone suggests “Lords Of The Swing” or “The Battlin' Frodo's” as appropriate team names. Consider yourself warned.

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Mike said...

Grimsley's Little Black Bag.

Adam said...

Rickey Got Ten Year?

Itsmetsforme said...

Hi Rickey,
What's not to like when Rickey is involved?
I like your site, although im more of a Lost guy than a 24 guy/
You may enjoy my Rickey related post for today.
Let me know if you want to swap links and i'll add you.
I.M. Forme

Ed in Westchester said...

I went with
Looper is a Douche

Fuck him and his mocking "No Way No Way No Way" chant after the NLCS

Sassdawg. said...

Dilbert Strikes Back!!!