Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rickey's Weekend Update

We usually forego a weekend post due to the fact that this is the time when Rickey likes to run around outside and cavort with small woodland animals. But on advice from their lawyers, the chipmunks appear to have taken out a restraining order against us, Ms. Henderson is at work, and other than a few miscellaneous errands, Rickey has very little to do. So we figured we'd briefly check in with a quick update of the current goings on in Rickey's life.

For those Hitchcock fans residing in the NYC area, Rickey strongly recommends checking out the Broadway version of "The 39 Steps" playing at the Cort. It's a goofy and light hearted little production of the old black & white British spy thriller which Rickey and Ms. Henderson enjoyed immensely. While the comedy can be a little too slapstick on occasion and the repeated references to Alfred Hitchcock's oeuvre can get a little grating, the stagemanship more than makes up for these weaknesses. The production consists of four actors and an extremely sparse set and most of the fun in watching this comes from beholding these four people swap in and out of roles seamlessly and use common place items like trunks, chairs, and cloths to create incredible stage illusions. Definitely check it out while it's still running, and be sure to wear you very best "Hitchcock 'N Ballz" t-shirt whilst doing so.

In the latest troubling sign that Rickey is becoming a bit too neurotic about this whole wedding thing, he and Ms. Henderson scouted out the site where they'll be having their engagement photo session: the New York Botanical Garden. For those of you who have never been there, it's a terrific day trip: a lovely and well groomed location that's rife with flora, fauna, and serves as a symbol to man's drive to subdue nature and bend it to his will. (And their Christmas model train show is the tits). For those of you in the area who are fearful of making a trip to the Bronx, Rickey advises you to cast aside your inhibitions and check the Botanical Garden out sometime--it's a dynamite place for a date, complete with a myriad of quiet trails that make for excellent snogging locations.

How did Rickey follow up these two highbrow ventures? Why, with a trip to the fabulous Empire City Yonkers Raceway for some hard core gambling, of course. For those not in the know, this is a joint racetrack/casino in Yonkers, NY which easily qualifies as the top five most depressing locations on the eastern seaboard. But it was along the road home and having never been there, Rickey managed to successfully convince Ms. Henderson that it would be a fun adventure to stop off and check it out. And it was, if by "adventure" you mean squandering $40 at slots machines in a mere 30 minutes while thronged by the impoverished and elderly. Clearly, Rickey's not exactly a gambler (or a high roller), but still, losing $40 at nickel slots in 30 minutes seems like an exceedingly poor investment. And to make matters worse, the casino is comprised entirely of slot machines with cartoon images of coy mermaids, buxom viking women, and Cleopatra. Evidently anachronistic cartoon figures are like catnip for the elderly?

Ah well, it's off to the gym for Rickey. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend folks.

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Brent Diggs said...

I feel your pain, Ricky. I am at this very moment in Vegas where I'm pretty sure I saw a Tobasco themed slot machine.

I guess it must pay out in little bottles of sauce.

Rickey Henderson said...

True, it's all kitschy there too. But at least you have access to sportsbooks... Rickey would have such a serious problem if they allowed sports gambling over here. Hey, care to put a wager on the Mets down for Rickey?

Alice said...

You had me at 'nickel slots' Rickey.

Don Lewis said...

Man, I live 5 minutes away from the Coeur d'Alene tribal casino. The place is full of miserable people pushing the same button over and over. They don't even get the only redeeming benefit a slot machine used to offer. A right arm workout.

LOBO said...

In a world devoid of small woodland creatures, anachronistic cartoon figures are all they've got.

Alex L said...

Its been a while since I've been to the pokies (slot machines), and I doubt I'll return. There isnt really an experience comparable to seeing a smelly old drunk man do his savings though is there... ah good times.

Mike said...

I'll second the endorsement of the Botanical Gardens. A helluva lot cooler than it has any right to be.

Let's put it this way, the first time my wife dragged me there about 4 years ago I was dreading it more than a trip to Yonkers Raceway. But it's . . . cool. Very cool.

Not only nice flowers and all that jazz, but lots of wooded areas to roam around in. Especially for those of us who dwell in urban environments, the NYBG is a great place.

Smitty said...

snogging locations

I was unaware that this term was still in use.

David said...

Rickey's readers can only guess how dreadfully depressing the yonkers raceway is. As the gamboling place of the wretches who can't make it on to the bus to Atlantic City, they must reside somewhere. That would be those double-wide citizens who can't drag their oxygen-tank laden selves up the stairs of to the bus door

Bee said...

I love going to the Chicago Botanic Gardens conveniently located in a suburb near me.

I just clicked on the "Listen Now" thing at the top of your post... I found it a little disturbing. To read "cavort with small woodland animals" but to actually hear it? Well, that was priceless!