Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your Weekly Linkage

Right, because we’re the first blog ever witty and inventive enough to introduce a links section with a stock photo of sausage links. It’s hump day, give us a break for christsakes. Anyhow, the following items of note caught Rickey’s eye while he was angrily sticking pins into his Scott Schoeneweis voodoo doll.

Young Frankenstein, The Musical hits Broadway in November, and uh, good luck getting tickets. This recent development brings us one step closer to “Spaceballs: The Musical” and its glorious moychendising.

In 1938, Disney refused to hire an animator because she was female. Rickey loves stories that make the Tragic Kingdom look bad. You know how some people love to root against the Yankees? Well, Rickey enjoys rooting against all things Disney.

We won’t even spoil this by describing it, but suffice to say, Rickey finds this picture to be strangely arousing.

The iPhone comes out this week. And if you’re like Rickey, you’ve shamelessly sold out and are dying to switch to a cellular service provider that supports it. Wired has tips on how to do so.

David Denby at The New Yorker has a good write up about Michael Moore’s new film, “Sicko.” Rickey agrees with Moore’s political agenda, but the measures he takes in this new movie sound just a tad manipulative, even for a Michael Moore film. In hopes of kickstarting an angry political debate, Rickey encourages you to discuss this amongst yourselves.

To wrap things up, McSweeney’s gives us “My DVD’s User Manual (as written by Chuck Palahniuk).” Good to see that McSweeney's still has the market cornered on offbeat literary humor.

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Egan Foote said...

Enjoy McSweeneys while you can. It's going under soon. Egan knows.

Egan, out.

sideshow bob said...

Wow...Rosie's looking better than I remember.

And iPhone looks cool, but I like to wait a few months before jumping on board with all things tech - gives 'em time to work out (most) of the bugs.

Haley said...

Ricky, as a fellow disney hater, may I recommend the documentary Mickey Mouse Monopoloy...good stuff for your's a small world afterall, but disney is determined to put it's stink on every damned inch of it...