Friday, April 24, 2009

Annoying Wedding Moment #649

A big shout out to the individual who purchased the solitary wine glass off the wedding registry. Rickey will enjoy sipping beverages from it. BY HIMSELF.

In other news, Rickey will be attending his first Mets game of the season this Saturday at the newly minted Citi Field. Mike Pelfrey will be taking the mound against Daniel Cabrera and the Nats (just missed Santana by one day, argh) We'd like to think that the Mets' chances against a baseball team that can't even spell their name properly on their jerseys are pretty good, but who knows? Either way, we'll report back on Monday with some pictures and Rickey's thoughts on the snazzy new venue.

What we will absolutely NOT BE reporting back on is Rickey's bachelor party this Saturday evening in Manhattan. As far as you folks are concerned, Rickey and a few buddies will be spending the night in the library doing academic research on the migratory patterns on the ruffed sage grouse. That's all that you, Ms. Henderson, and local law enforcement officials need to know. (Rickey has a bad track record at Bat-Mitzvahs for crying out loud, how do you think this is going to go?) Assuming Rickey's not dead or incarcerated following a night that's gearing up to be a 100 car train wreck, we'll be back on Monday.

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Bob said...

So then my request for a review of the "Fleshlight" is definately off the table?

How about a "Rickey Recommends" review fo the best strip joints, escort services and whore houses in the greater Conn. area?

I recommend the stripper team effort and have the best man spring for the "toy show".

Anonymous said...

No video post of the bachelor party then? Awwwww. Darn it.

George said...

No post yet on the Mets. I assume the library study went very very well.

Smitty said...

I will give Rickey a few more days if his ability to party is anything like ours over at ATK.