Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Your Weekly Linkage

Hooray for the Bush administration severely crippling the U.S. Surgeon General's efforts to make the world a more livable place. It takes special kind of guy to decide that matters such as AIDS, global warming, second hand smoke, and the Special Olympics really aren’t all that big of a deal.

In honor of the upcoming Simpsons movie, 7-Eleven stores are giving away free Slurpees today. Best. Crosspromotion. Ever. We here at RwR appreciate free corporate giveaways, especially those of the high glucose variety.

Ladies and gents, a great writeup on the first half of the Mets season, seen through the prism of Endy Chavez’s mindblowingly good 2006 NCLS catch. Naturally, Rickey blames the Mets’ current woes on the Yom Kippur Ripper’s current hitting slump. (That’s Ms. Henderson’s nickname for Shawn Green).

Oh look, a crazy owl. Ever wondered how an owl would respond to a jack-in-the-box? With the physical equivalent of a “no sir, I don't like it" of course.

The new Smashing Pumpkins CD hit stores this week. Rickey wonders: is it really the Pumpkins if it’s just Billy and Jimmy? Precisely what makes this different from Zwan or even Billy’s solo album? Ah yes, the Smashing Pumpkins name is more successful. Meh, Rickey’s heard a few songs and is very unimpressed. Give this a pass. Pick up Spoon’s new album, “Ga Ga Ga” instead.

For your enjoyment, here’s a terrifically funny blog written by someone who we would best label as a “hipster dad.” Click on the link. Hilarity ensues.

Evidently the writers of “24” have nixed a proposed plan to shoot the upcoming seventh season in Africa. Drat. A feral Jack Bauer hunting for yellowcake uranium and/or possibly stalking gazelle in the Serengeti would’ve been pretty fun to watch.

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Egan Foote said...

Not completely on topic, but you did mention the Mets so I feel as though I have the right to trash David Wright. The guy is a very good baseball player, but I don't quite understand what the big deal is. He's a good third baseman who is most likely not going to get much better. People fail to realize that third base has become a pretty deep position with a number of excellent players, many of whom exceed Wright in both defense, power and average. He's been stealing like crazy this year, which has certainly added to his value, but could these steals be an aberration? He's already hovering around his career high and we're only a little more than half way through the season so his steals could just be an anomaly.

Throw in the fact that he basically disappeared in the playoffs and I consider him to be one of the most overrated players in the league. Honestly, what's so great about this guy? He's certainly no Jeter.

Egan, out.

Rickey Henderson said...

Rickey never claimed to be a huge David Wright fan... in fact, we've occasionally criticized him here on this site. Wright just happens to be the guy the Mets seem to have chosen as their poster boy. Rickey mainly roots for Wright because he's young, doesn't seem to care about the money, and is playing for the love of the game. But no, Wright doesn't come close to posessing the level of talent that Reyes does.

That having been said, any 3rd baseman who will give you 30 HR, 100 RBI and a .300 AVG year in and year out, is not overrated. Ever see Wright barehand a well hit ball or drive a hit to the opposite field? He's a solid, steadily maturing player with an awful lot of that "upside potential" that sportscasters like to talk about.

And because Wright is only 24 and still developing, you really can't compare him to a player like Captain Intangibles.

Rickey Henderson said...

...not yet anyway. And for the record, Reyes easily trumps Jeter in the shortstop slot.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...


Looks like Rickey got a new job. Hope he can keep blogging!

Rickey Henderson said...

Indeed my Michigan friend, with the help of a savings bond, and a cross pen & pencil set, Rickey's going to teach Shawn Green how to hit again.