Friday, July 27, 2007

Rickey's Vacation: a Slideshow Retrospective

Due to an overwhelming number of requests (a whopping three) Rickey has decided to post a few select pictures of his recent New Hampshire Vacation in this very blog. We hemmed and hawed over the idea of posting images of Rickey swimming in the frigid NH mountain streams, but ultimately had to decide not to. This was due primarily to the fact that with his shirt off, Rickey closely resembles Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons.”

Also, we couldn’t figure out how to create a proper slideshow complete with music, so you’ll have to come up with your own soundtrack to accompany the images as you scroll down the page. We recommend “In The Hall of the Mountain King” by Greig.

And for all those seeking television related merriment, Rickey tossed up his thoughts on the upcoming season of 24 over at The Jack Sack yesterday. Anyhow, enjoy the pretty pictures that follow below.

Hey look--a mountain range!

...and yet more mountains!

Gnomes go candlepin bowling in these mountains. That's what causes thunder. True story.

Wow, a lake in a mountain.

Teddy Roosevelt climbed this mountain in 1978. Upon reaching the summit, he promptly named it "Mt. Awesomeness."

Rickey, after having conquered a mountain. (PS: in case you hadn't already figured it out, Rickey ain't exactly black).

Some brook action for the kids.

Rickey looking quite dashing, if we may say.

Ok, we admit it, this was pretty breathtaking.

Rickey happily relieved himself in this picturesque stream.

And this one too.

The arduous drive up Mt. Washington. Yes, that's a cloud the vehicle is about to enter.

Behold, the breathtaking vista atop Mt. Washington!

A severely pissed off & cold Ms. Henderson at the Mt. Washington summit.

Waterfalls are nature's candy!

Rickey now has his desktop wallpaper needs all taken care of for the next few years.
Ms. Henderson on a bridge. Shortly after this picture was taken, an amry of goblins came out of nowhere and attacked, causing her to yell "you shall not pass!" True story.

Seriously: best. pancakes. ever.

One of the many 50 degree streams Rickey bathed in. Good times.

The hotel where Rickey and Ms. Henderson stayed. Granted, it looks nice, but due to the fact that no one closes any of the main doors, squirrels and chipmunks run amok in the lobby.

On the drive home Rickey needed to make a pitstop in a little VT town...
And hey, it just so happened that the new Simpsons movie was premiering that day!

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Toasty Joe said...

Wow, Rickey. Rickey's vacation shots rival my honeymoon shots (did you see those yet? Check my post from Wednesday). Nice work.

Toasty Joe said...

By the way, in the "waterfalls are nature's candy" pic, it's funnier if you picture Rickey hiding in the trees at the top taking yet another a massive leak (hence, the waterfall). I've got problems.

Rickey Henderson said...

Yeah Joe--Greece looked like a blast. Did anyone over there offer you presents? You know what they say about Greeks bearing gifts... Anyway, a hearty welcome back to you as well.

Adam said...

You sexy bitch! Put these pics in the spank bank!

Smitty said...

Wow....awesome pix, Rickey. They totally outdo the Smitty Weekend in Toronto pix.

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Looks like it was an awesome trip!