Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The good news about remaining largely undiscovered and anonymous on the internet is that nobody comes banging down the door to "cancel" Rickey's irreverent little blog.  

Not one cease and desist was received during our nine year sabbatical! No angry tweets were lobbed at Rickey! Not even a strongly worded email from an offended party came our way.  So just what does one have to do to get scooped up in this exciting net of internet condemnation?  (Don't answer that one please, Rickey will have to find that out on his own).  Frankly, we're a little put out that Rickey's time in the sun hasn't yet come.  

But perhaps this is good thing because reading back over the posts at RwR nine years later, not much of it would survive a thorough scrubbing from the SJW contingency.  

Also worth flagging for those at home: this site is run by an extremely white dude pretending to be a black guy, so we're not too sure if the current socio political landscape can support what is essentially the Justin Trudeau of blogs.  Also, Rickey inexplicably likes using the word "swarthy" a lot in his posts.  Like, a lot.  We still don't know why this is but it's most likely offensive to somebody.  

But hey, just like nine years ago, we still don't have any advertisers to worry about scaring off so that's good...  

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