Friday, April 30, 2010

Yeah, So Let's Try This YouTube Thing Again...

To kick off the big Mets/Phillies series this weekend, Rickey has crafted something special for you: our very own Kraken-Mets video meme. And don't worry, we're pretty certain that it's the first of its kind. If Rickey needs to explain the humor behind THIS one to you, then we're sorry, but you're officially on your own. Enjoy:

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upstate met fan said...

This from

Madson injured the toe after he blew a save Wednesday in San Francisco. He said he slipped walking down a flight of stairs leading from the dugout to the clubhouse. He then kicked a metal folding chair. He said he felt like he stubbed his toe, but realized it was worse when he woke up Thursday morning and had difficulty walking. =========== He kraken his toe! LMAO

Bob said...

Much better. Pretty funny, especially the map shot.

Here’s my idea for a video. It will require audio dubbing in the best Liam Neeson voice.

Scene one: Obama being sworn in as President.

Scene two: Neelson ordering: “Release the Krackers!

Scene Three: Tea Bagger rally with racist signage.

The end.

Smitty said...

Now this was good. This made sense. It was funny on a number of levels. We all understood it. This was truly funny.

And the "Kraken" as a place behind the balls-n-shaft that is your neighborhood...that was the icing on the cake.

Adam said...

That was hypnotic, seductive and hilarious! Great job.

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