Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thrilling New Ventures in the Realm of Guest Blogging

Well we certainly hope that Adam, having demonstrated the pitfalls of wantonly granting guest-blogging privileges, kept you entertained for the last 10 days. Although Rickey would be remiss in not pointing out that Mets fans are by no means exempt from this sort of ribbing--witness Wright & Reyes' questionable photoshoot from a few years back (it's a strange and disconcerting thing when you've been blogging long enough to be able to draw upon older posts to formulate a semi-coherent argument).

Now for some news...

Rickey is going to be writing a weekly baseball column for Flushing University, a Mets-centric website. We're guessing that they were attracted to the fierce pursuit of truth and the artful use of f-bombs showcased here at RwR. Since we're certain you're just brimming with questions about the deep and meaningful implications of all this, we'll open this up for a Q&A. Yes, you up front?

Uh Rickey, your blogging has slowed to a snail's crawl in recent days. How exactly is all this going to pan out?

Deadlines motivate Rickey. Despite some affable heckling from our hardcore readers (you proud few) Rickey just hasn't had the urge to write much recently. Rickey's been focusing more on life, work, wedding planning, blah blah blah... But hopefully this new venture will help to turn the tide and inspire Rickey to cast aside reality and pay more attention to his imaginary online friends.

This Flushing University, what's it all about?

It's similar the University of Phoenix: not a real university, but a handful of misanthropes with a rickety server, some opinions, and a burning desire to have their voices heard in the ever widening realm of Mets blogs. Rickey's either getting on the ground floor of something big, or enlisting in the internet equivalent of a Ponzi scheme. Either way, it should be fun.

Doesn't it concern you that your non-Mets posts are far funnier than your Mets posts? Or that you know relatively little about the realm of sports?

Not one bit! (panic panic panic panic panic) Rickey knows all sorts of things, friend. Rickey knows the existential blight of being a Mets fan, from the highly illogical contracts, to the inevitable midseason injuries, to the now customary September collapses. If folks like Peter Vescey or Mike Vaccaro have taught us anything, it's that sports columns aren't about saying anything new--they're about shoehorning facts and stories into posts that confirm greater trends and biases in one's mind. Yep, Rickey's pretty sure he's up to that lofty challenge.

You're getting paid for this, right Rickey?

Er, no word on that. Rickey's still waiting to hear back from the folks at FU concerning his adamant request for a blackberry, company car, and personal dressing room. Evidently there's some sort of economic downcycle going on at the moment.

Conrgats boychik! I'm so prouda you!

Thanks Mom, now will you please stop pestering Rickey about why he isn't writing for the New Yorker?

So will posts continue here at RwR, or are you casting it aside like a red headed stepchild?

Posts will indeed continue. Most likely on a biweekly basis. When Rickey's not busy fucking up putting together wedding invitations. (But we'll get to that story later this week). In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled each Thursday for a new and exciting Mets column from Rickey over at Flushing University, complete with customary third person action.

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Alex L said...

Congrats on the new gig!

Alex said...

so you'll be joining the ranks of these special folks??

Mike said...

Congrats, sir. Maybe you'll be the good luck charm we need this year.

Rickey Henderson said...

Uh, yeahhhhh this might not be happening after all. New developments have come to light. Had Rickey taken the time to look at the profile of the guy who recruited him, he would have noticed that it says "I am a high school student in New Jersey and an avid Mets fan since 2003". And Rickey thought his days of being harassed by high schoolers were over...