Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Your Wednesday Redirect

Rickey wonders, does Jack Bauer ever have a mundane day? And is he as intense as he usually is on those mundane days? Is there an 10:00-11:00am hour of "24" where he goes to the laundromat to wash his T-shirts and jeans, gets annoyed after the machine eats three quarters, and after smacking it around for five minutes, gives up and moves to the next washer? Just like a normal guy, but really intensely?

We're told that in "the business," this is known as a tease. Indeed, the goods ain't here... they're over here. Proceed to the indicated link and behold Rickey doing a little guest blogging on the subject of the upcoming season of "24" over at the Jack Sack. Back tomorrow with fresh stuff involving a certain fella whose presidency was made possible by a character from "24."

(we know, we know, always with the teasing...)

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Statler said...

I have some enraging news: someone didn't vote for Rickey on their HoF ballot. Granted, he's some 80 year old dude in Arizona, but you should still go slash his tires.

Alex L said...

I've watched a few shows, and I've never seen Jack go to the toilet eat or take a shower... I'm just assuming he doesn't.