Friday, January 9, 2009

Jack Bauer For Postmaster General

Yes, Jack Bauer knows what it means to go postal:

Stamp collecting is in turmoil. It used to be really hard to get your face on a stamp- you had to invent something like electricity or democracy to make the grade. Today, stamps have become mostly a dumping ground for tacky promotional tie-ins (a Barney Rubble postage stamp is either out there or on its way, I promise). If you invent cold nuclear fusion with the hope of making it onto a US stamp, prepare to get in line behind Winnie The Pooh and Yoda.

But as we transition to a new administration this month, I believe we're poised to take back our postal heritage. With yesterday's news that Dr. Gregory House will be our next Surgeon General, I'm excited to report that Jack Bauer is our next Postmaster General. Below is a picture from Bauer's first day on the job, where a very special stamp was introduced (heroic, indeed):

R.I.P. George Mason!!!

(also posted on The Jack Sack).

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Rickey Henderson said...

Where the deuce did you learn to photoshop like that? Strong work.

Donny Ruth said...
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Adam said...

Thanks for the love. Rickey, we can do Photoshop workshops this weekend! Have you ever wanted to know what a ferret looks like in a tuxedo? Wait no more!

Anonymous said...

Who has envelopes big enough for such a thing?


Matt said...

Nice call.

Am I emotionally ready to watch a new season of 24?? The NFL playoffs aren't even over yet.

Toasty Joe said...

Rickey!! I posted a recipe that will most definitely be to Rickey's liking. Enjoy.