Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's a Wonderful Day in the Blogosphere

Hello blogger. Occasionally, Rickey likes to take a peek at what some of the other folks in his inner sanctum sanctorum are up to. Make no mistake, it is a heady honor if you have secured yourself a spot on to the RwR blogroll, because with it comes the increased likelihood that Rickey will occasionally stop by your blog, see what you're up to, and report back to his readers on your current activities, be they un-American as they may. Never mind the fact that half of you fuckwits spell Rickey's name without an 'e' on your blogrolls, we're paying you lip service anyway. It's a tried and true method of networking, heckling, and possibly even collecting on one's debts (Rickey doesn't care that the Colts were a lock, pay up deadbeats!) The theory here is that Rickey read it, and well, maybe you should too.

Last week, fellow blogger and armchair economist Mike unleashed an epic movie post, something worthy of Cecil Demille himself, the sort of thing that first drew Rickey to Mike's blog a few years back. Behold: his Friday Silly Movie of My Youth of the Day. His mind crackling like the main character in "A Beautiful Mind," Mike draws elaborate connections that you, the average moviegoer are woefully incapable of. Rickey would tell Mike to keep these awesome posts coming, but who is Rickey to talk since it's been a fortnight since we've last seen a "Rickey Recommends" post? Ahem.

The folks at Around the Keg have brewed up a "best of" column that lists some of the more superior blog posts from their favorite sites, entitled the Keg Stand Awards. And hey, wouldn't you know it, Rickey is in there! Fancy that: borderline alcoholics love Rickey!

Speaking of awards, Diesel, he of Mattress Police, managed to get himself nominated for a Weblog Award. Normally, Rickey only tells you to vote for important stuff (see Obama, Barack, Nov 2008) but in this case we think we're justified in loosening the standards just a bit. This Diesel guy writes some damned funny stuff and him potentially winning could mean trickle down fame for Rickey as well. So go vote for the guy, if for no other reason than to solidify Rickey's status as an internet sucker fish (a remora, if you will) glomming on to the larger and much more popular sharks.

The reliably cantankerous Mr. Furious has amassed his own "best of" list for 2008, The Year in Review Review, a hodge podge of some of his favorite findings from around the web. Rickey's favorite is undoubtedly the Hitler meme video, which triggered a hilarious burst of outrage from a newbie in the comments section. Come on, who doesn't love shaky hands Hitler? The guy's a laugh riot! Besides, if Mel Brooks has taught us anything (see Saddles, Blazing) isn't it that laughter is the best way of dampening even the greatest of evils?

Rickey cruised over to Toasty Joe's website recently (previously known as "Yes Joe It's Toasted" until Willie Randolph's late night axing) and was saddened to see no new activity whatsoever. Wait, hold on, Rickey thought he saw something... no, wait, that's just the wind. Rickey thinks Toasty should get back in the game. In fact, Rickey's starting an internet campaign. Rickey will call it "The Rolling Toast Gathers No Lox." (Fuck you, memes don't have to make sense!) Everyone go over to Toasty Joe's website IMMEDIATELY and heckle him in the comments section until he starts blogging again. If that doesn't work, we're starting up a Facebook group petitioning him to blog. This will either be of great annoyance to Toasty or promote a blogging renaissance on his part. Either way, it'll be fun, and the world needs more witty Mets bloggers. Dispatch yourselves posthaste!

Rickey doesn't have a lot of female blogging compatriots on the blogroll. Apparently the gals don't take kindly to Rickey's frontier era opinions on gender roles. Or his repeated use of the word "cocksuckery." But since we're pining for a well rounded blog network, let's give a little love to Haley, author of Missionless Statement. She's prolific, she's crafty, she's witty, and she puts up with the misbegotten madman we're about to mention below.

Meanwhile, Adam, Haley's significant other (yes, they're an item, in case you couldn't tell by their lovey dovey display in the comments section yesterday) has kicked it into high gear over at The Jack Sack. More than just a little excited for Season 7 of "24," he's gone apeshit in recent days with a plethora of posts. There is a seething underworld of bloggers who obsessively write about this show, and if watching Kiefer Sutherland seriously lose his marbles, torture the bejeezus out of people, and whisper angrily is your sort of thing, then this is the website for you. Be on the look out for a guest post from Rickey over there in the coming days in which attempts to temper everyone's irrationally high expectations for the new season of "24" (because we are taught that if nothing else, the internet is a haven for anonymous jackasses to suck the joy out of things).

Wrapping things up is George of I'm Not One to Blog, But... Chances are, if George isn't posting pictures of his greyhound, then he's talking about music. And man can the guy talk about music. Yesterday he cast aside words altogether and tossed up a video of a dude sitting in a of wheat strumming on an acoustic guitar. Simple, soulful stuff. The artist's name is Eric Bachmann and he's a shining example that there's still great music being created--you just have to dig a little harder to find it. Oh we're sorry, does a folk singer playing guitar in a field of grass not do it for you? Don't worry, we're sure the techno cover set to the beat of the "numa numa" song is coming soon. Schmuck.

And that's it for this inaugural installment of the column. We'll bring it back when further blog posts catch Rickey's ever watchful eye which deem themselves worthy of mention.

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Haley said...

Aw shucks...

Thanks Rickey! I am proud to be your official ovary representative.

Adam said...

Dude, thanks for the blog love. Just be careful to not burst my bubble too much on The Jack Sack. This is like the start of the Mets season- ya gotta believe!

Diesel said...

Thank you, sir!

George said...

Thanks for the shout out--and you heard it here first, I'm changing the name of my blog to "We Gotta Flip It Over and Slide It in There."

Eric Bachmann/Crooked Fingers/Archers of Loaf are sadly off most people's musical radar. Which is just one reason why most people are experts in cocksuckery.

Mike said...

His mind crackling like the main character in "A Beautiful Mind"

Uh-oh. That makes me . . . insane, no?

But I'll take the compliments and referrals when I can get em. Thanks Rickey.

George said...

It also means you're married to Jennifer Connelly, Mike, so you can't be totally insane.

Mike said...

This is true.