Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Your Tuesday Triviality

Courtesy of Mr. Furious, Rickey has been tagged for a meme (hey buddy, Rickey’s got a meme for you: go fuck yourself). The meme is, as one would expect, trivial, time consuming, and a blessed excuse to avoid writing anything coherent today. So, naturally, we're totally doing it. Here we go:

1. Five names Rickey goes by: Rickey, Rickey’s real name (which for the sake of internet confidentiality shall go undivulged). Angry Mole, Fluffer, and Brother _______ (again, Rickey cherishes his internet anonymity. Long story short, Rickey is a Freemason, hence the Brother appellation before the name).

2. Three things Rickey is wearing right now: Factory reject socks purchased at Costco which go up to Rickey’s kneecaps, a look of grim determination, and an Omega Seamaster, circa 1950.

3. Two things Rickey wants very badly at the moment: A Playstation 3 and space in the apartment for more bookshelves.

4. Three people who will probably fill this out: Toasty Joe, Haley, and Adam. (make with the memerey!)

5. Two things Rickey did last night: Ate at BLT Steak (just an awesome steakhouse), and watched Heroes (which we’re pleased to report has now become moderately watchable)

6. Two things Rickey ate today: Just one so far, and it was more of a drink: Rickey’s morning fruit smoothie consisting of soy milk, 0% greek yogurt, a banana, strawberries, whey powder, and flax seeds (turn up your nose all you want, but it’s actually delicious).

7. Two people Rickey last talked to on the phone: Rickey’s mom and brother, calling to wish Rickey a happy birthday.

8. Two things Rickey is going to do tomorrow: Work, and gym for two hours (ever since Rickey discovered that Herc from “The Wire” works out at his gym, he’s become a total gym rat. One day, Rickey will muster the courage to ask Herc whatever became of the missing camera and if Cedric Daniels is still pissed about it).

9. Two longest car rides: Hamilton, NY to Washington D.C., 370 miles, and Tarrytown, NY to Irvington, VA, 372 miles. (Rickey, as a rule, avoids the long distance schleps)

10. Two of Rickey’s favorite beverages: Coffee, and the sweet sweet marrow of life (no, not that you twisted freak, Rickey was speaking metaphorically).

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HC said...

You and the memes. It's like peanut butter and jelly. Bert and Ernie. The automotive industry and short sighted failure. Reindeer and granola. Sheesh.

Donny Ruth said...

I like Rickey's style. If Donny were a guess man he would guess that Rickey is the greatest of all time.

Donny is impressed by Rickey's morning shake. Donny isn't too sure about Rickey's choice of words in that last sentence even if Rickey did joke about it after.

George said...

What's with the anti Greek yogurt? I mean, it's probably 0% Sardinian, too, but did you feel the need to point that out?

TheJackSack said...

Sunovabitch... I gotta go blog now, pardon me.

Rickey said...

George: not sure if you're being serious or not, but that's the funniest damned thing Rickey's read all day. (Rickey was refering to 0% milkfat Greek yoguart). Although Rickey, greatly pertubed by the civil violence currently errupting in Greece, is indeed debating boycotting Greek yoguart as a sign of solidarity...

Anonymous said...


Rickey said...

Fraternity pledge name. Don't ask.

Anonymous said...

I realize this isn't your birthday post, but I was shocked to learn that you're only 29.

You write with more maturity than 29. And that's not supposed to be an insult.