Monday, December 15, 2008

Rickey's Monday Kickoff

A brief roundup of happenings and goings on to kick off your Monday morning...

On Sports: Ok, so maybe Rickey was completely wrong in his NFL prediction last week. But we still maintain that we’re a long way off from an all New York Superbowl: the Jets barely squeaked by yesterday against the Bills and the Giants didn’t perform nearly as poorly last night as the score would lead you to believe (at least that’s what Rickey’s telling himself damnit).

On Political Tomfoolery: Is anyone else a bit concerned about how alarmingly easy it is for someone to throw their shoes at the President? Rickey’s been taking off his shoes at the airport for seven years now, shouldn’t similar security measures be put in place before you put the leader of the free world in a room with a bunch of foreign reporters? Call us nuts, but this seems like the sort of thing the Secret Service should nail down before Obama takes office…

On the Charity of Others: Thanks to an ipod car adaptor, gifted to Rickey by a good buddy, Rickey now enjoys the modern technological luxury of listening to his ipod through his car stereo. Rickey can almost feel his brain growing larger as he drives to work listening to the NPR podcast of “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”

On Shameless Blogging Linkage: Much to Rickey’s elation, we are brought word that Ms. Henderson is officially back on the blogging bandwagon. Marvel at her latest post, in which her engagement ring embarks upon thrilling adventures. (We’re assuming a LOTR ring related post is forthcoming).

On the Weekend Box Office: What's the saturation point for crappy disaster movies featuring Manhattan getting decimated? And why do midwesterners continue to flock to the cinema to watch them? Indeed, Rickey avoided "The Day The Earth Stood Still" this weekend and urges you to govern yourself accordingly.

On Dogs: Animal instincts rock. Cosmo, Rickey’s 80 pound Samoyed, managed to tree a raccoon yesterday and keep the damn thing up there for a half and hour, braying like a wolf and circling the tree until Rickey grew weary of the spectacle and dragged him inside. Laws of physics permitting, the beast would’ve climbed up the tree if given the chance.

On Seasonal Frivolity: This holiday season, Rickey has made a bold pact with his family: no gift giving. That’s right, a complete moratorium on hunting around in shopping malls for useless disposable crap that will just take up space. This of course gives Rickey an air of moral superiority as he tells others that this season he is rejecting the tenants of consumerist society. Grovel capitalist pig dogs, grovel!

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Smitty said...

The Steelers will go to the Super Bowl this year. All the way, baby.

Rickey Henderson said...

Questionable officiating permitting, yes, yes they will!

Haley said...

Yep, those secret service agents seem to be lollygagging a bit these days -- I enjoyed the complete lack of movement from them when the shoes were in the air.

If anyone had ever ever hurled a flip flop at Whitney, you know Kevin Costner would have taken it in the chest.

Adam said...

Enjoy that iPod thing in good health!

Smitty said...

Questionable officiating permitting

Whatever. That was a touchdown.

Father Muskrat said...

I saw you comment on "ask and ye shall receive." Are you in the hopper? Bold is Rickey. Bold indeed.

I've been surprised at whom they've liked and haven't liked. I'm sure you'll do well, however.

Rickey Henderson said...

Muskrat: yeah, Rickey tossed his name in the hat. And if he receives an unfavorable review, Rickey shall react like a petulant 8 year old whose sandcastle has been stomped upon. Rickey's gonna put the whole system on trial!

Haley: Not altogether sure about that. Have you seen Costner lately? Dude's packed on a few pounds.

Adam: Rickey shall! It works marvelously, thanks again mate.

Smitty: You've been reviewing too many micro brews buddy, because that ball did not break the plane of the goal line.

Alex L said...

I dare anyone to see someone throw a shoe at a president and not stand there in awe at what they are seeing, secret service or no.

I'm also up for a review at 'ask and ye shall receive', I have to say I'm dreading it!

David said...

I have a cassette tape adapter for my iPod to play in the car sound system and I love it.

I've decided that I'm putting Rickey on my wish-list of "people living or dead" that I would like to have dinner with. I be lovin' me some Rickey.