Friday, September 26, 2008

Your Weekly Mets Update: The "We'll Be Talking Entirely About Them From Now On" Edition

Rickey’s feeling a bit drained this morning, having spent a sizeable chunk of last night in various stages of distress and jubilation as the Mets finally eeked out a win in the bottom of the ninth. There are various factors which would help explain last night’s triumphant victory, but Rickey has a strong suspicion that his fiscal recommendations had an awful lot to do with it. At the conclusion of the game, Rickey picked up the phone and dialed his dad, a war battered Mets fan ever since the Brooklyn Dodgers skipped town (no joke, Rickey estimates that this team has aged him a good seven to eight years). Papa Henderson’s stoic advice: “don’t get too attached.” A sage recommendation, but it’s tough not to get a little worked up when your athletic team of favor is staring down the barrel of an intense set of weekend games and a possible one game playoff against the Brewers. Hang tight Shea faithful, this weekend, the Mets dine on Fish. In the meantime, we leave you Metropolitans fans with a bit of humor, courtesy of The Onion (hey, when Rickey can't get it done, Rickey hands off to those who can). Behold:

Just brilliant. Enjoy the day folks, and be sure to check in regularly over the weekend. Rickey may very well attempt to subjugate the nefarious dybbuk that plagues RwR’s HTML code in order to host another live chat during the games Saturday and/or Sunday. We hope to see you then for our latest installment of "Rickey: Live and In Person." In the meantime feel free to take up valuable bandwidth in the comments section with predictions for the upcoming monumental series of games.

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weesle909 said...

I love Carlos Voltron. Carlos Beltran played like him last night in the 9th.

Hope you caught this Onion gem also:

weesle909 said...

Hmmm. Not sure the whole URL showed up. Trying again.

Smitty said...

Our long national nightmare of Major League Baseball will soon be at an end.

julius bloop said...

last night's game gave me a heart attack.

but reyes and carlos voltron gave me a met's win defibrillator.

The Hypocritical One said...

If Carlos is Voltron...Braun is Superman...that was amazing last night.

If it makes you more hopeful, Mike and Mike in the morning thing the Phills will win the division, and the Brewers will seal up the wild card.
They're, at least there is hope.

muskrat said...

good luck! the braves haven't done much this season, so i'll root for the mets for you.