Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rickey’s mind is murky at best following the Mets’ soul stomping loss to the Seattle Mariners, so in hopes of putting the pieces together, we’ve organized our thoughts in handy bullet point format. Those in search of something a tad more coherent should check out yesterday's post of job interview tips. Anyhow, behold, Rickey’s list of…

Things That Had Not Occurred Prior to Last Night!
  • Rickey and Ms. Henderson had not tailgated with Anchor Steam beer. We’re pleased to report that the results were overwhelmingly positive and Rickey looks forward to working this tasty adult beverage into the rotation for future tailgating endeavors.
  • Jerry Manuel had not coached a game at Shea Stadium.
  • Felix Hernandez had not batted this season.
  • Felix Hernandez had not hit a grand slam in his career.
  • No American League pitcher had hit a grand slam in interleague play. Ever. (Are we noticing a trend here?)
  • Aaron Heilman had not looked as good all season as he did last night. At this point, Rickey will take any silver lining he can get, no matter how dark and ominous the storm clouds of dysfunction at might Shea appear to be.
  • Rickey had never won a give away contest at a Mets game. Indeed, Rickey and Ms. Henderson were fortunate to be sitting with a group of people who were the bemused recipients of a free one pound box of Bubba Burgers. And we are now contractually obligated to state the following: “You’ll never bite a burger like a Bubba Burger! Bubba Burger—it’s the burger Mike Francessa sinks his teeth into daily!”
  • Finally, Rickey had never had the distinct pleasure met the distinguished people (read: nerds!) running such notable blogs as Metstradamus, Faith and Fear in Flushing, Pick Me Up Some Mets, My Summer Family, and Yes Joe, it’s Toasted. For those of you wondering what the atmosphere was like when these great blogging minds congregated, think Yalta, but with a whole lot more pathos. So even though the game itself was a wash, we’re pleased to report that Rickey was in exceedingly good company for its duration. Cheers guys.

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Toasty Joe said...

Forgot one:

No Seattle Mariner pitcher had ever hit a home run. Ever.

Adam said...

Truly an historic night. Mazel Tov!